Halion from hell

I am having a major problem. For some reason my halion program i got with 12 pro has lost most of its sounds, just, gone!. I tried to reinstall but the same happened. Am i doing something wrong? I dont use it a lot, but there are some songs which do use some of the sounds within it. Someone said if i reinstall the whole cubase it will sort it, but do i really have to do that? Can someone, out there, give me a step by step guide on solving this issue? Any help would be gratefully accepted. Cheers.

Hello David and welcome to the forum.

Normally the Steinberg Download Assistant takes care of everything. Furthermore you might need to ‘activate’ Cubase using the Activation manager.
You don’t share much details about your problem/Setup, so at this point my suggestion is to make sure you have the most recent version of the Steinberg Download Assistant and reinstall everything you ‘own’.
Another helpful tool is the Steinberg Library Manager that allows the user to register the instruments and sounds. Here you will have the option to register the downloaded sounds with or without copying them to another (faster?) drive.

Good luck,

I’ve had it happen several times now where the Content Manager file has become corrupted and entire Steinberg library’s have not been recognized. Here’s what worked for me: Missing Loops & Samples - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


Hi guys, many thanks for all your help. Mark, thanks for the heads up, I followed the link, and the instructions and all is back to normal. Once again to everyone who replied, many thanks!