[Halion Presets] midi modules in action


I made a vstsound file for learning purposes.

You can load it in standalone mode just by drag and drop it to a Halion 5 slot.
In Cubase you should work with the integrated browser (not the mediabay but just right next to the mediabay) and locate the vstsoundfile. (were you saved it)
Then it is also just drag and drop to a slot.
If you want to keep it, it is recommended to save it to your custom folder as a custom preset.

You can find the files here:

soundfilename = roeldawn.vstsound
(23042014: a new version with an edit on the key ranges of the midiplayer on layer B)

you can find an mp3 here:
For the moment it is just the first sound of the mp3 file.
The rest is back on the rework bench. :slight_smile:

all comments are very welcome as is any advise.

kind regards,

and a new sound for checkup.
this is maybe usefull for the EDM guys
build from ground up, but no samples.
this is a combination of Halion 5 engine layers.

location for download:


location for mp3:


This is a pure vstpreset, so this should be drag and drop in halion slots.

kind regards,

and again something different.

This is a normal vstpreset but i used 2 factory presets from the Halion Symphonic library and added midiplayers to both layers to generate a form of automated orchestra using keyswitches from c2 to c3. Those spiccato violins and cellis from the symphonic library are excellent for these kind of things.

Same routine as for the other vstpresets. Drag and drop from the browser within Halion (not the mediabay).
You can find the browser button right next to the mediabay button.

note: this vstpreset can only work if you own the Halion Symphonic VST expansion package.

example of the expected result on mp3 is here:


vstpreset download is here: (automated orchestra 1.vstpreset)


kind regards,

again a bit different.
This is a vstpreset with sample content.
This should be also drag and drop but there should be a popup asking for the location of the samples.
Place them in your user content area somewhere and point the popup to this location and that should work.

location for download:


It is a zipfile because the sample map is seperate from the vstpreset.
name: fun with rock.zip

location with the mp3:


It is a 4 block guitar rock tune with a simple solo instrument on the right.
The samples are located at c1 d1 e1 f1.

kind regards,

All working fine here.

Orchestra one in particular is great stuff :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: so they are working :slight_smile:

Halion 5 is simply the best and most workflow convenient thing i ever encountered.
Tx for the checkup !

kind regards,

I will hopefully check it out soon to see how you did things.

This composing with Halion needs more clarification…

Hey dutch555,

Tx for your reply.
In what way there is need for clarification ?
Pm if you want to, and if dutch means “nederlands” you can do the pm in dutch since this is my native language.

kind regards,

Its about how you constructed all those vst sound files, but you included some information how you made a particulair vst sound
I am also interested how patchpool made all those soundscapes out of HAlion5 http://www.patchpool.de/halion.html
Now i use a composer other then Cubase and this one needed midi notes and that seems to be difficult to extract from the soundscapes and Vst sounds from HALion5.

Hey dutch555,

I have seen more requests on howto on the forum.
thinking about a sort of quickstart guide on sound development with halion with examples that you can download is a great idea if it is not allready here on the forum somewhere, but i did not find that yet.

It is time intensive to make those guides. So: if enough people like the sounds, i probably will indeed make a clarification for it. :slight_smile: If you have specific questions, just pm and i reply quickly because i am here often.

But i am not a pro or so on sound dev. :wink:

Meanwhile i did make one particular preset today because i saw that one being asked several times.
There is a new vstfile to download where a drumset from halion has been multichanneled over the 32 different outputs of halion 5. It is very easy to do. So check it out.

Since this Halion preset kit that was used in the example has multiple layers on a single midinote it is important to switch the editor from “sel” to “all” on top of the map editor + for easy editing select the “enable midi mapping selection options” so you can switch between the different combined zones on those midi keys easily with a keyboard.

The next thing is go to the zone editor and go to the amplifier and on the aux tab you can find the different output settings for each midi note (since you have selected “all” it will look a bit red coloured)
play each note sequentially and each time you can select a different output for the sounds mapped to that midi note. Very easy.

But remember to put the outputs active in the instrument rack if you want to hear anything.

I have also added a drum player and midi-player with some content too, so that you can make your vstpreset into a little groove agent with a lot of output channels.
nothing fancy with the grooves though since i copied them from the real groove agent, but it is an example
the standard added flexphraser can in the same way be used. activate it and choose those drum presets. Lots of things to discover with a factory content configuration. also: Go to the user environment and give it your touch…

When you load this vstpreset for the first time the drumplayer and midiplayer and the flexphraser have been switched off, so select them in the program tree and then activate them if you want to use them.

note that this is just for posting an example of the multiple outs.
I had not enough outputs to assign all samples to a different output so the samples on the upper right of the keyboard are assigned to the standard output, but it is an example for some reason.
I am working on an improved example with efx and midi modifiers on each midi-note, but that is still several days to go before this is going to be posted. :slight_smile:

have fun with it and then improve it !

download location:

name: power kit mchan example.vstrpreset

kind regards,

Thanks roel for the VST powerkitexample
Halion5 need a more userfriendly userscreens for guitars …a example is this http://www.indiginus.com/torch.html


you are probably a guitarplayer
I most of the time get confused by 6 strings to do things on

Automated orchestra is excellent, thanks!

and again something new to show what i did not find in the factory content.
It is a vstsound. It is a Multi. it is mainly a sort of drumkit.
It is called BONGA WONGA KIT.vstsound :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the clue. I like those midiplayers. I have also kontakt damage. The great thing about damage, next to its excellent sound, are those key switches with speed alterations on the sample. I was thinking to try something a bit in the same way on halion 5.
For this example i have chosen the modualtion wheel to switch the midi players on and off. (but you can allways tweak it to your needs)

if you test it, arm the first 6 midi channels of the Multi.
they are alligned with their variations.

mp3 example: https://soundcloud.com/roeland-eysackers/bonga-wonga-kit-output-main-out-1

there is another example on the soundcloud page.

download: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=9e94c303c3e88283#cid=9E94C303C3E88283&id=9E94C303C3E88283!1425

Remember that you allways can alter the content to your specific needs. Every midi file is exchangeable and tweakable.

kind regards,

Haha …nice drumming Roel …is it possible to get a midi file from this also?

?? You have them already. :wink:
they are integrated within the soundfiles :slight_smile:
just drag and drop them from the midi players to your daw and that should work.
use the midi icon on the midi players

same thing to edit them or change them
make a midi sequence in the daw and drag and drop it in to on of the variations.
the key switches should stay unaffected.

for if it is not the same thing in other daws.
all samples are located between c2 and c4 with c3 as root
making your own midi and drag and drop in to the variation slots should work in any case.
allways save your modifications or they are gone!

kind regards,

The idea to construct sounds in HAlion5 and play this sounds back in a another composer
The only thing is that when i do have the midi …i must bypass the flexphraser

the modwheel on your keyboard should normally be configured for all the slots as a controller for switching the flexphraser on|off.
Could you please try that and if so, please confirm that those settings were not loaded in the vstsound or that they did?

kind regards,