HALion (Sonic) 7.0.10 Maintenance Update available now

The first maintenance update is available now for HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 7. The updates improves functionality and stability in several areas. Please download the update now in Steinberg Download Assistant. There you can also find the Version History with all the details.

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Getting an error message from the Download Assistant.

“An error occurred while downloading ‘HALion 7.0.10’.
Try again later.”

Manual dl from the support pages works.

And why connecting to “pathfinder2018-live.nskebzetbm.eu-west-1.elasticbeanstalk.com”?
And why now also for „forgerock.io“?

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Message again, but next click it works. Also no attempt now to connect anywhere besides Steinberg.

Slowly it starts to annoy. now the same problem again with this :rage:
And again weird attempts of connecting to wherever

Hi @bigsoundsgood.

First URL is regional content delivery instance.
Second URL is license and identity management (for your login in the Steinberg Dowload Assistant).
As we do not get more reports and testing the download works in general, we have to assume that it is a connection issue on your system or network.
Please understand that we can not troubleshoot all of your environment. But this article documents the connections used by our software:

Thanks Bono, for you answer and explaining the server and ports. But for sure it is not what you mention. It’s the first time I have this issue. And of course I am not blocking those with Little Snitch, like Jan Riesener from the support suspects in his answer to my ticket I opened.
And as you can see in the screenshot, DLM works, no connection issue on my system or network. And with all due respect, this is a run-of-the-mill answer. But whatever, I am fine without those Indian Drums. Hopefully this will not happen in future to more important downloads.

And while writing this, I tried again and voila there it is. Maybe you just don’t have to understand it :wink:

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It looks like there is a problem in the AU version: