Halion sonic crashes cubase 9

Hello everyone,
I’ve got a problem after installing latest Halion Sonic 3 update. After launhing Cubase 9 pro, I try to lanch Halion Sonic from rack. Then question of creating midi trak appears (click YES). Halion Sonic appears in white, next got its interface and then I see info “Cubase 9 stop working” or "Cubase crashes because of plugin: Halion Sonic Controller. I’ve been fighting this for a few days including: reinstalation, instalation from scretch and still the same info. I can’t use HS at all. Did anyone experience such a problem? any ideas to fix it? Appraciate all. Bemol.


What Windows/mac OS version do you use?

Could you share the crashlog with me? Send me a link to the Dropbox files via PM, please.

Hello Martin, Windows 10. Where can I find crashlog?



Here you are


I did unistallation of all refers to cubase, removed all folders refers to Halion Sonic, cleaned comp with regcleaner, restarted comp and installed everything from scretch. Unfortunatelly, the same :confused: I have no idea what’s going on and what way fix this problem. Anybody is able to help? thx.

I had a problem with Windows 10 and Halion/Halionsonic crashing, my issue was in the bios settings of the memory timing settings, I had to get rid of all the AUTO settings and enter a specific value (the same value that Auto had set), and that stopped all the crashing. For some reason this issue was only affecting Halion and Halionsonic.

I have no such item (memory timing stettings) in BIOS (laptop Samsung).

Strange thing, from time to time I may open HS and it works properly. When I close it and open from INSPECTOR, I get info “An exception occurred. Save your work and restart the application. The exception was thrown because of the plug-in: HALion Sonic Controller”. Any suggestions ???

Reported to Steinberg.

thanks Martin :wink:

Martin, did you reach my dmp file on my dropbox and skim it?

Yes I reached it, and attached to the report.

Thx, you are a big master :slight_smile:

I run PreSonus Studio One 3 yesterday and I noticed that Halion Sonic 3 works correctly in it without any problems. HS3 crashes only Cubase 9.0.30. What’s the problem? Cubase raports that problem is with Halion Sonic Controller plug-in. Is it anything like this at all ? What to do to be able use HS3 in Cubase ?

Yes exactly… this new Halion hot fix is crashing like crazy… everything was working great
Before this hot fix/crash… the previous version of Halion and 9.20 were great but once again Steinberg had to go destroy things again.
It’s also crashing all related VSTi like triebwrek and hypnotic dance…

This is rediculious Steinberg !!!

Should I even bother sending a ticket to Steinberg support?
Or should I wait for Steinberg to get it together?

This issue is already handled by Steinberg.

But send me your crashlog(s), in case it’s not the same, please.

Martin, I give you bmp file and print screen after running HS3 (without hotfix update 0.30). It’s not possible to launch HS3 in C9 as you can see.


I’m sorry the link doesn’t work to me.


  1. Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> System Properties Tab -> Efficiency (click settings) -> Advanced -> Virtual Memory (swap file) set up min.500 MB, max. 2000 MB.
  2. In Halion Sonic 3 go to Options Tab and MaxPreaload at 1900 MB, that’s it.
    Enjoy :slight_smile: