HALion Sonic Factory missing

I did a stupid thing and did not notice that I installed HALion Sonic when I should have installed HALion Sonic SE update.
Now I have tried to uninstall everything that has to be connected with HALion because I have got dialogboxes everytime I starting Cubase Pro 9.5 who says SOme Content could not be loaded… etc, etc I have missing files,
For example,
HALion Sonic Factory Program Presets 01
HALion Sonic Factory Program Presets 02
HALion Sonic Factory Program Presets 03
etc, etc…
VST Presets for HS3
etc, etc…

Attaching two printscreens to put some light over the problem

So how do I get rid of these dialogboxes/warnings?

All the best
HALion Sonic Factory missing 1.png
HALion Sonic Factory missing 2.png


Uninstall HALion Sonic Content by using Windows uninstaller. Or delete all “HS” (not HSSE!) files from the Content folder.

Hi Martin
I do not have any HALion Sonic Content in my Win uninstaller.
The only one I could think of is the HALion Library Manager but that could not be right.
I have deleted (put them far away in another folder) the HS files from the Content folder but as always there is some other unexpected things happening. But i might be better, I let you know. Working right now in a project with two other guys so I should not fix evertything today.
Thanks for now.
Attached files

I had this too. I typed _HS into the search box fr C drive and deleted all results containing that. I’m now able to start Cubase without the warning! There are items in the media bay which show an error but there always were. I don’t really use any Steinberg sounds anyway so I’m not bothered, just happy to be rid of the message at startup.
There’s a lack of clarity in which instruments are free use in 9.5 pro and which arn’t; there are frequent updates to all the instruments and it’s easy to click and end up with trials which can’t be fully uninstalled. They might only show relevant updates to included instruments in the Hub and make a special link to those which may lead to eventual payment for license negs or this kind of annoying startup pop-up warning. The trials need, in my view, to have MUCH easier and clearer uninstall procedures. :smiley:

Hi and Thanks for your time to help me.
Interesting, when I wrote _HS, I´ve got the HALion Library Manager at hand (See printscreen).
It was still a little bit hard to understand witch files to delete and not.
But, I suppose there ios all the files with an HS?
Another thing is that I dont remenber I have installed all of these (but maybe at the same time with the wrong update))
The menu; MANAGED and INSTALLED is a little bit confusing, what is MANAGED?
I seem to have the WORLD Percussion there but thats a HS file so why is it in the MANAGED menu?
Still confused.

PS. Trying to attach a printscreen 697Kb but itys to big? To Big? :neutral_face: