Halion Sonic SE 3 and Hyperion no sound

I have recently bought the Hyperion VST instrument product. After installation of the latest Sonic se 3 and Hyperion I have not been able to get any sound out of Hyperion. All other instruments in Halion SE 3 work and produce audio output. To me this means that the output connection is ok.
I am on Windows 10 64 bit.

Any thoughts/Suggestions?

Hi, same problem here. Did you already found a solution?

No not really. What I found is that Hyperion is looking at my sound chip in the pc but that is switched off for reason that I am using an usb connected sound device. That works with everything else except Hyperion. That usb connected device is also not visible when I start Halion stand-alone and using Hyperion sounds. So the problem must lie in the Hyperion software not recognising the usb connected device…
All otherVST sounds work in Halion SE 3

Hi, thanks for the response. Yesterday I mailed the question to Steinberg Support. Normally it takes quite long before they answer but I’ll let you know if they do

Ps: did you try delete and reinstall Halion?

Hi, just did and no difference I am afraid… :

aaaah… sorry to hear that! I really hope they react soon!

Found this post and it worked like a dream.

Great, it works! Thank you very much!