HALion Sonic SE -> HALion Sonic -> HALion 4 upgrade prices?

The forum would not let me post this question in the HALion section, so I thought I’d post this here… seems relevant for Cubase 6 users since my question is the upgrade pricing scheme from HALion Sonic LE (which comes with C6) to HALion Sonic (trial comes with C6) to HALion 4…

So please confirm the upgrade pricing – right now, I understand HALion Sonic LE can be upgraded to HALion Sonic for $199 in the online shop for just an activation code to the HALion Sonic Trial that came with C6.

Then, what happens with pricing when HALion 4 comes out? From what I’ve read, HALion 4 comes with all the content from HALion Sonic, so is it still worth it to get HALion Sonic at all?

Can someone confirm the upgrade price to HALion 4 from HALion Sonic? I’ve heard it’s $99, but I can’t find that announced officially.

Also, will there be a special price for HALion 4 for C6 users? Or is the best price to simply upgrade to HALion Sonic for $199, then upgrade again to HALion 4 for $99?

Thanks for any info you can provide!

HALionSonic LE can´t be upgraded to anything. Halion Sonic LE is Halion Sonic LE and it´s a part of Cubase 6.
For $ 199 you can permanently authorize the trial Version of HalionSonic (Full) that comes with C(A) 6.

Depends on if you need a full fledged sampler like Halion 4, or if HalionSonic is enough for your needs.

So until it is announced officially you maybe shouldn´t rely too much on what you´ve heard somewhere. These are 2 different product lines, so I wouldn´t even rely on the fact that there will be an upgrade at all…

Again, your best bet would be to wait until Halion 4 is actually released…

Thanks, thinkingcap, you’re right that there is no upgrade from HALion Sonic LE – poor choice of words on my part.

However, my understanding/impression is that they are now basically the same product line, from discussion in the HALion forum (HALion 4 even will contain the full soundset from HALion Sonic, but with far more features and some additional patches/content), and that Steinberg had already determined upgrade pricing, but I hadn’t seen official announcement anywhere on what the pricing structure will be. Perhaps I missed it, but if someone could point out what the pricing/upgrade structure will be, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Considering that HALion 4 release is right around the corner, Steinberg must surely have this pricing figured out by now, especially for C6 owners like me who are considering upgrading to HALion Sonic, and especially if HALion 4 contains that full soundset, features, plus more.



Perhaps a moderator can answer this, or maybe transfer this over to the HALion 4 forum (or give me permission to post there)?


I hope they give a nice discount to us Halion 3 users. I’ve been waiting patiently for YEARS for Halion 4 to come out!


Would be nice to have a trial of some HAL4 content and/or the full package.


Both links are from the same thread, sorry!!!

HALion 4 comes with the HS content plus a bit. Whether it’s worth going to H4 is a subjective opinion, but ask yourself whether the extra sounds that comes with H4 and the detailed editing capabilities is worth the extra money or not. To me, it is absolutely worth it, because I need the more in-depth editing. (And extra sounds is always nice!) :slight_smile:

Here is an unofficial info breakdown based on available info at the time: