Halion Sonic SE install folder


I just installed Cubase 6.
It lets you choose the directory of the application. (about 400 mg) Nice.
Then it proceeds to eat your main HD away, placing many gigabytes were it wants to (users folder :imp: ) not cool!!!
Please, in the future, it would be very nice to include a choice of where to place the contents during installation: audio streaming from the root drive is NOT a good idea.
Anyway, is there a way to move the contents to another drive without making cubase mad?

I really need that space in the root drive.
Thanks :wink:

:unamused: :unamused: :unamused:
Please, in the future, it would be very nice, if you open your eyes before starting inappropriate complaints…

I could have searched better, point taken.
Though that doesn’t make it an inappropriate complaint.

Still, if you read everyone elses comments on that thread the solutions are not ideal.
Hence my suggestion to Steinberg to change the installer: if I chose drive D for the application, I expect the contents to also go to drive D, especially if it is many GB or ask me where would I like them. Not everyone would like the contents in their root drive. And not advisable anyway.

If the installer doesn’t ask, it makes me think that maybe it is not advisable to change the placement of the contents. Hence my question: does it make Cubase mad if I move it?


did you actually READ that other thread? If you did you’d see that your complaint IS inappropriate (look for my post with the 3 screenshots).

YES you can choose the destination folder for every component (loopmash content, HalionSonic SE content, etc) during the installation process, you just have to press the customize button. Nobody’s forcing you to use the root drive.

Moving the content properly is done with the same installer: hit customize, uninstall the content, then reinstall, choose the correct destination folder by clicking the Browse button.

BTW: I wonder why you want to put the application and the streaming data both on the same D-drive: I thought the whole point was to separate both, in order to let the streaming data run smoothly on a specific drive that’s used only for that purpose? I may be wrong about this, but on my machine all applications go to C:, all data goes to D:\

As dirkpiano suggests: READ The thread then think about it once more…