Halion Sonic SE3 - text labels distorted / font problem?


I think the screenshots say it all. It’s the built-in Halion Sonic SE3 in Cubase 9.5.10 (Windows 10)…
As far as I know it’s only in the Options screen and in the effects.
Any idea how to solve it? I’ve searched for it, but have not found anyone else reporting this issue.

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Nobody? Anything?


Thanks! I didn’t find that page when looking for a solution - probably because I don’t have Halion 6 or Halion Sonic 3.
So that d2dfix.reg file will solve it?

So why do I have this Direct2D problem? Does Halion Sonic SE3 expect DirectX9 to be installed or something? And why is it solved for Halion 6 or Halion Sonic 3 in an update, but not for Halion Sonic SE3 in Cubase 9.5? (all questions that probably only Steinberg can answer :stuck_out_tongue: )

I had the same issue with Halion 6, Halion Sonic 3 and Halion Sonic SE 3. The update didn’t fix it for me, I had to do the registry thing.

Are you using a first or second generation of Intel HD Graphics card?

Intel® HD Graphics 3000, never had any issues with it… before this that is. :wink:

Same graphic card like mine.

If you fancy some reading there is a thread in Halion/Issues forum:


Thanks!! I spent quite some time searching this forum and didn’t find anything… :blush: