Halion Symphonic Orch not found

Hello Dorico users
I bought a new machine. I installed Dorico, but I think Halion Symphonic Orchestra has not installed properly.
I also use it in Cubase, and when I open Cubase files, it says Symphonic Orchestra not found.
Should it have installed along with Dorico, or should I install it separately?
How can I check whether or not it is already installed?
When I go to the Steinberg Download Assistant > HSO, I see HSO and Halion Sonic SE 3. Should I download both?
Thanks for any advice.

Go to the Dorico (Pro 3.5) section of the Steinberg Download Assistant and download (and run) the Dorico Pro 3.5.10 Sounds Installer.
That should fix Dorico. Then try running Cubase again and see if it complains - if not, there’s nothing more to do.

Also, try running the Steinberg Library Manager (gets installed along with Dorico). Is HSO listed in there?
And check C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound. If properly installed, a whole bunch of files with HSO in the filename shall be in that folder.

Thanks to Ulf and Leo
Ulf, yes, HSO is listed in the Steinberg Library manager. 6.19 GB.

Any idea why Cubase isn’t finding it? This is what I see…
2020-08-17 (2).png

Okay, but these are two pair of shoes, the sound library and the player plug-in. So you have the sound material installed, but not the VSTinstrument plug-in to play back the sounds. Actually, in Dorico - for efficiency reasons - HALion Sonic SE is used as the VSTinstrument to play the HSO sounds, because the HSO-instrument can only ever play one sound at one time, whereas HALion Sonic SE can produce 16 different sounds at the same time.
How about Dorico, in the list of VSTinstruments, does the HSO plug-in turn up there?

Hello Ulf. Thanks. I set up a Dorico project and put in a violin. The VST instrument options include Dorico Beep, Groove Agent, HSSE, Padshop and Retrologue. As far as I can see, there is no HSO.

But HSSE is certainly installed As you can see in the first image in my last post, there are 4 different versions, Basic, Artist, Hybrid, and Pro.

There is no dedicated plug-in for HALion Symphonic Orchestra. Its sounds simply load into HALion Sonic SE.

Thanks, Daniel. So where do I look for the HSO plug-in in Dorico, as Ulf advised?

You don’t need to look for the HSO plug-in. Just try adding a section player holding a violin and open the HALion Sonic SE plug-in in Play mode. If it’s loaded ‘Violin Section Combi’ as the default sound, then HSO is correctly installed.

Completely aside from Dorico, David also has a Cubase project that was once set up to use the HSO player plug-in, but can’t find it anymore.

@David: As already said, HALion Sonic SE can load and play all HSO sounds. If you still need the HSO player plug-in (e.g. for your Cubase project) then you need to reinstall HALion Symphonic Library, because it is part of that installer.

Depending on how complex that setup was, might it not also be an alternative to recreate that mapping in Cubase but instead pointing at an instance of HSSE with the required HSO sound loaded?

Sure, that’s an alternative, but it’s left to David which way to go…

Thank you to Daniel and Ulf.
Well, I did what Daniel suggested. I get this…

So HSO is working fine in Dorico.
I’ve also found that it is working in Cubase, that is, I can go to the Media Bay and install an HSO Combi Bassoon. But when I click Edit Instrument to reassign the Combi Bassoon instrument to my existing Track I get the message “No Parameters available.”
What I can do is set up another Bassoon, then copy the Track down, reassigning the Expression Controller settings, but that is laborious.
In short, HSO is there in both Cubase and Dorico, but Cubase is not finding it when opening files. I could re-do all these instruments. But I have dozens of these scores and it would be much better if Cubase can be persuaded to action the settings.
Any ideas?
Would this require the remapping that Daniel mentions.
WHere would I start?

But the HSO player plug-in is also not detected in Dorico, as an earlier screenshot showed. So it is best to run the HSO installer again. That’s my advice.
Remapping is too much work, I think, because as you say, you have plenty of Cubase projects like that.

Thanks Ulf. Can I just check the best way to do that?
Download Assistant > VST Instruments and Plugins > Halion Symphonic Orchestra

  • Halion Symphonic Orchestra (6.4 GB)
    Halion Sonic SE 3 - 3.4.0 (818 MB)

Or do I only need to download one of these?

Just the big one.

Hello @Ulf
Well I redownloaded the big one (HSO). When I opened it, I got a message saying

No action was performed! The corresponding VST sounds are already registered.

Then I put in the dongle and started Cubase. I got a message saying it was opening in Safe Mode, together with the following dialog box, which I’ve never seen before.

Does that tell you anything about the problem?
I opened a second time and didn’t get that message, but I got the same problem of HSO instruments not being found.
2020-08-18 (2).png
Any ideas, pls?

You can force the installer to reinstall or repair the installation.

I don’t know the HSO installer, maybe it does not give you the option to reinstall or repair the installation.

In that case, first uninstall HSO via Windows Control Panel and then let the installer run again.

Hello Ulf, Do you mean via Windows Control Panel>uninstall?
If so, HSO is not visible there.

You told me just to download and replace the big HSO file, with all the instruments. But those files are all present in the HSO folder in my machine.
The issue is that Cubase and Dorico can’t find it.

I’ve sent you a mail, David.