Halion Symphonic Orchestra Download-Version

Hi, is the new download-version the same as the HSO for Cubase-Users, which I already have?
Because I have 110 programs, the new version has 1250 sounds.
Has the new one 16 or 24 bit samples?

Thanks, Mike

I was wondering exactly the same. My e-licenser says that I have “Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.x / VST sound set”.

I downloaded the trail version and ran the installer. It updated the content part and installed the vst3 plugin. I used to be able to access HSO only true Halion SE2 / Halion Sonic 2 / Halion 5. Now I can also get it to load as separate VST3 plugin.

I still have the same amount of sounds available, 110 programs. And the installer size of was the same size of what I had installed previously. I am guessing that the 1250 sounds means samples.

The download size was 5.1 GB, and I read somewhere that the Halion Symphonic Orchestra that was sold years ago was about 27 GB.

It would be nice to get some additional information / clarification.


Sorry for the confusion. The information on the product page was just plain wrong (it’s updated by now) The HSO VST Sound Instrument Set just includes the 110 programs that you both already have. The only new thing is the player integration.

On the product page, the “What you get” page states “more than 100 patches”, but the “Start” page still states 1250+ patches. When you say “Player integration”, are you referring to the fact that it now has a “stand-alone” instrument?

Now the big question, where and how do we get the new dll for the instrument, i already have the library installed earlier this year.

Download the trail version and run it. It will detect what you already have installed and update the things that need updating.

I was trying to ignore a 5gb download for a dll, but that’s to complex i guess :wink:

Why do I get no licence code when downoading the demo ?
Runs the demo without license ?

Just run the installer. Most of the demo’s recently just create a temporary license on the SEL when you install them. No need to type in an activation code.

cool thanks.

OK… wait. I’d have to pay $99.99 for just new player integration?

So far, the only trip-up I have is HSO stand alone won’t open in Cubase 7.5.2. 64bit. And if I have an existing Cubase 7.5.2 32bit project, if opened in Cubase 7.5.2 64bit, I would be advised the system can’t find the HSO player.

Does the trial solve the above problem forever, without having to pay $99.99 or not?

ok, after demoing my interest in this became non existant…

If you already own a license for HSO then you don’t have to pay a dime. You just download the trail and run the installer. The installer will update a few things in the content part (if I remember correctly) and install the VST3 plugin.


Any chance we will see HSO2 in the near future ? with more, better, and higher-quality content (24-bit) ?

Or… Is HSO the end of the road as far as Orchestral Libraries by Steinberg for the Halion Family ?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Merci a tout…

Are the samples of this latest download 16-bit or 24-bit ?

I’m guessing 16-bit, but not sure. Since there is not much documentation. also any detailed info. regarding the instruments, and articulations included in HSO ?


Hi All,

I have HSO 1.x license (16 bit version), I downloaded the trial and installed the full version. In the Symphonic Orchestra, I can’t select any isntrument set. In the Halion Sonic SE I see otchestral set, but can’t select…

I already own HSO, so downloaded the installer (OS X Mavericks), ran it and now the new VST3 plugin works as expected in Cubase 7.5, but the AU plugin doesn’t pass validation in GarageBand or MainStage. Anyone able to get the HSO AU plugin working in a host and if so, anything special that must be done to accomplish this? My other Steinberg AU plugins like Padshop Pro and Neo Soul Keys, work fine in the AU hosts. Hmmm…

Mac file is there, but I see ‘File not Found’ when trying to download the Win version of the Trial.

edit: Fixed now an hour or so later.

got the exact same problem plus there’s no vst2 instrument installed, tried the repair function but didn’t work