Harp gliss with a lonely (and "straight flagged") 32th note?

Hello there!

I’m trying to recreate this kind of notation for harp gliss.
Is there a way to get these lonely 32th notes with straight flags?
Thanks by advance!
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Take a look at this earlier thread:

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Thanks a lot Daniel!
So no way to extend beams horizontally without inserting a hidden rest? It’s pretty fine for me but just to be sure.

That’s right. Dorico will only extend beams to notes or rests, not just dangling them into thin air.

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You can create a second note, hide the notehead and stem (since D4.3 I think) and move it in Engrave mode.


Or, if you want to avoid using Engrave Mode, what I usually do is add two additional notes (to get the beams the length I want), hide the noteheads and stems, and suppress playback on those two extra notes so as not to mess us the gliss playback. But Sascha’s approach is nice in that you can make the beam length exactly as long as you want it using the note spacing circle. Just be sure to suppress playback on any extra notes you add.

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Great! Thanks alot @klafkid