Has anybody tried N10.3 in Windows 7?

My UAD card and my RME 52 channel HDSP do not migrate well to Win 10.
So I am wondering if N10.3 still may work because I do not want to buy new hardware right now.

Hello JDSStudios,

since Nuendo 10.3 won’t overwrite your Nuendo 10.2.20 you can actually have them both installed on the same system at the same time. There’s no actual risk in trying it yourself, since you can always go back to 10.2.20 if anything doesn’t work for you.

Hope this helps!

All the best,

Thanks Luis.
After a Windows system image, and a full Acronis system image I installed N10.3 on Win 7.
I am in the middle of a project, also backed up, and so far so good.

Thanks for the info JDS, I will install to Win7 and try as I don’t plan on running on Win10 for as long as I can :wink:


Both uad1 hdsp9652 working 100%, here. Did nned a clean win10 install, not upgrade.
btw cubase user here, tryng the nuendo demo

Hi Luis,

Thank you for being involved in the user forum and providing information and answers. I very much appreciate it as I’m sure many others do as well.

Can you tell us what aspect of the newer version of Windows framework used in 10.3 is most likely to be incompatible with Windows 7? Video or graphics or audioengine or GUI?

The reason I ask is my system is physically quite complex with some unique, custom functions in both hardware and software. An OS upgrade is no small consideration. I will clone my OS Drive and do the install of 10.3 but it would be great if I had some expectations of which modules are likely to be most affected as a help as well.

I realize this is an unusual request so I will take no offense if you prefer to not answer in such a public setting. And thanks again for the information you do provide.

Hello Getalife2,

I don’t have any issues letting you know what the main issues may be when installing Nuendo 10.3 on Windows 7. Only, I can’t be too specific as most of it are technical issues that is hard for me to explain (and even to understand myself).

Let’s see:

  • The libraries used for the Video Export feature are not available for Windows 7. That’s not a new issue, but it was already common knowledge that this particular feature wasn’t working on Windows 7.
  • As far as I know Padshop 2 also doesn’t run on Windows 7. The specific reason why, I don’t know, but that’s another individual feature that’s not supported.
  • Now the most problematic parts are, that the platform used to develop Cubase 10.5 and Nuendo 10 was no longer officially supported on Windows 7 by itself. So the actual framework of this version was not designed to work on Windows 7. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t work, but we can’t guaranty it does and we can’t even begin to fix it, if it doesn’t.
  • Another big part of it is the GUI und UI improvements in this new release are also based on some graphic acceleration technology that’s not available for Windows 7. So not only does Nuendo lose the positive impact of these improvements, but it may even result in a negative graphics performance.

Most of these are unknown territory for us, so again, it may work or it may not. But unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to fix any of these issues, as the technology necessary doesn’t support Windows 7.

I hope this information - limited as it was - helps you a little bit at least.

Thank you for choosing Nuendo and have a great weekend!

All the best,

Thanks Luis,

Great info and very helpful to me as:

  1. I don’t export video (known Win7 issue)…
  2. I don’t use Padshop 2.
  3. No worries about lack of support as I understand the reason I AM tech support!
  4. I’ll keep an eye out for GUI/graphics. I keep both Nvidia and AMD cards and a wide range of drivers on hand as a matter of course. I’ve used both in my journey, depending upon the state of the other devices and software on my system.

Thanks, again.

Very very informative.
Thanks for being helpful.
Obrigado Luis.

I understand vinark, but if I upgrade now it will be Intel Z490, and both the UAD 1 and
my RME is PCI, not PCIe, which measn I would have to shop for a bridge adapter, and more hoops.

I dont want to do more shopping at this time.

I love my 52 channel RME with zero latency. Never a problem since
the first Hammerfall 52 channels over 25 years ago. The HDSP 96/52 model is just as good,
and interfaces really well with my old 48 input Yamaha 02R via ADAT, and Nuendo.

I am in the middle of a project, original song for a client,
with full band (bass, Keys, guitar and drums, vocals, back up vocals, and 20 piece orchestra or more).

Normally it goes easily 60 tracks or more with this particular client.

If anybody is interested, I can post back here if I come across a show stopper, and
have to go back to N10.2.20.

So, after a 6 hour session in Win 7 N10.3, no crashes so far.

No crashing exiting N10.3, like 10.2.20 was doing.
No crashing after cleaning trash, which was happening before intermittently.
Tempo detection was ok, recorded audio tracks and a guitar guide.
Cycle markers, and imported .wav files fine.

Next session will be MIDI recording in Halion, Groove Agent, Korg Triton Studio, and Yamaha Motif Rack
Extra processing, UAD 1 plug ins, Mastering and Video will be last.

If you go to an all PCIe setup and decide to keep your PCI cards feel free to PM me. I currently have 9 PCI devices running on a PCIe only Intel setup which includes a PCI Magma expansion chassis and an RME PCI MADI HDSP card. There is an inexpensive 2 slot PCIe to PCI adapter that works well.

Thanks a bunch, guys. I’m following this thread with interest. Like many of us here I have quite complex, highly reliable Win7-based installation*) running which I don’t want to destroy any time soon.

*) … “highly reliable” as in “ignoring all those unsolved NU10 hickups”. :-/

I am very familiar with Magma chassis for over 10 or 15 years; like I already said, I am not shopping and upgrading
a system that works.
N10.3 is behaving ok for now, but obviously I expect some issues because that’s what Steinberg says it may happen.

Question is, will it be a show stopper, or will I be able to complete a large project?
So far it’s ok after a 6 hour session, but I will see once I get into more recording, heavy editing, and MIDI.
If I finish this project in Win 7 with N10.3, I will not upgrade right now.

I don’t just jump, just because Satya Nadella says so.

Which one is that, pleaase?

So, I came across a couple of issues.
Alt+Shift to change the Output of 10 tracks to a Group,
and the Group’s Audio Output becomes disabled. It took me a while
to get the sound back, because the soft blue color to show the
Group’s output enable/disable in Routing is subtle, unless you know what you are looking for.

Another issue was importing tracks with events and audio from another project.
It works fine in N10.2.20, but in 10.3 in some cases no track or audio content
would be imported.

Obviously I don’t recommend this path of staying on Win 7, unless like me, you
must (temporarily for me).

I also notice that TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) programs issue are still there in N10.3.
This means after quitting N10.3, parts of it remain active or Resident. You can see them on Services.
Also, if you try to install anything after starting and then quitting N10.3, the system asks you
to quit Nuendo, even though you already did.
So I always have to reboot if I need to exit N10.3 and launch N10.2.20.

I’m shopping for a new motherboard, CPU, cooler, RAM and 2 PCIe to PCI adapters for my
52 channel RME and UAD 1 card, before moving to Win 10.


I tried to respond to your PM but it says you have disabled receiving PMs on your end.

Use the Task Manager to terminate NU10-related processes. Much faster. I do this day in, day out (… major PITA nonetheless …).

For sure. However, N10.3 is now quitting clean for me with no residuals in Task Manager. It was not when I first installed it. The only thing I can figure out is that I ran several plugin scans from inside Plugin Manager while installing a couple of plugins I bought.

Has quit clean the last 2 days, even on complex projects.