Has anyone tried N6.5 with a MC Control yet?

Has anyone tried N6.5 with a MC Control yet? If so, does it work any better? Specifically;

  1. Is that crash on exit issue resolved
  2. Will the encoders calibrate to Nuendo to reveal the same information (ie: Currently, N6 EQ states Mid at 2K, but the MC Control will show this same setting as 2010)?
  3. if you have a MC & Artist mix set-up, will the faders bank TOGETHER as blocks of 12, 20, 28, (depending on how many units you have)?

I’d really like to know if these issues are resolved (particularly for PC platform), before I rush to upgrade.

It works here as expected

That’s kind of vague. Could you comment on my 3 concerns or any of these? http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=62194

Your 3 concerns are solved here, in my system.

Thanks! :mrgreen:

My best advise is wait for forthcoming trial and give it a try before to buy :slight_smile:

The crash issue on PC has not been resolved. There is no new Eucon adapter included with 6.5. So nothing has changed.
I’ll have to check the other 2, but I don’t recall those ever being an issue for me.

So, you got it? What do you think of it? Was ANYthing fixed?!!?

  1. Not Fixed - Nuendo has stopped working error on exit, still happening.
  2. working correctly
  3. faders bank in groups of eight. I have a Mix and Control, they do not bank in groups of 12.

I would not expect any fix as far a Eucon is concerned on this update. There is no new Eucon Adapter that comes with 6.5.
When installing, the window shows that no changes will be made to the Eucon adapter, it is listed as “already installed”

As I said, it’s better to try it in your system.

Well, I just did. The only change that I’ve noticed is that now my MC Client window won’t open. :astonished: So removing the MC from the surfaces window, as the exit crash work-around, is now not an option. BTW, it didn’t work for me anyway. But it seemed to insure that the MC would fire up consistently each morning with N6. So, I used it anyway. But, as I said, now it’s currently not an option.

The good news there is that the exit crashes don’t seem to be effecting the MC’s ability to re-connect on start-up with N6 or N6.5. The bad news is that now I can’t program anything in the MC because I can’t access the menus!!
I rolled back to Eucon 3.0 since you mentioned that you found it the most stable. Should I roll forward to 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 for N6.5? :question:

I got the MC Client back on the re-boot. So it’s working okay now. At least as far as everything talking to each other is concerned.

I’m having to rewrite a lot of KC’s though. Can anyone confirm that the standard Ctrl+V which is supposed to be paste acts like select all in N6.5? That’s wierd as hell! :open_mouth: I checked my X-tra keys and it’s got the command Ctrl+V, used Ctrl+V directly from the keyboard and got the same result. It will not paste! Instead, it selects all! Copy and repeat works, copy and duplicate works, but not copy and paste.

All working here… MC Mix/Control and Ctrl+C Ctrl+V. No problems

There is no new Eucon Adapter that comes with 6.5.

That would be strange. The N6.5 on Mac does a new Eucon installation. It’s EuCon now. In 6.0.7 it was


Where did you find that? I just went to the site, http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_eucon&L=1 , and there’s no mention of EuCon Unbelievably, there is NO SEARCH WINDOW on the SB to try to find it. Could you please point me in the right direction for this?

Checking Eucon in Nuendo 6.5, it says Version built on Feb 22 2013. So it did not update. I am on PC.

Where are you looking? The latest version I see is Steinberg EuCon Adapter · 32-Bit · 1 MB and
Steinberg EuCon Adapter · 64-Bit · 1 MB on the SB download page. :question:

Tino Degen already explained that the Eucon adapter is now part of the Nuendo 6.5 installation.
And why there is no separate adaptor anymore.
And what you need to do if you forgot to update the adapter.
See Tino’s comment in this thread: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=61556


So then, since I just did a complete factory upgrade install, I’m already running the latest Eucon Adaptor? That’s not great news then since NOTHING THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FIXED WAS ACTUALLY FIXED. I’ve still got all of the same problems with my MC that I had on day one and the irratic behavior of 6.5 has made me just stick with 6.0.

Worked the whole weekend. No problems with erratic behavior here…