Has text rendering on Mac improved in 7.5?

Has anybody noticed any improvement in the text rendering on the Mac in the Key Editor, etc.? I’m tempted by 7.5 but am wondering whether to wait for Cubase 8.


I haven’t noticed any issues in the text in 7.5 on Mac, what was the problem in v7? I didn’t use that much, mainly use Nuendo, but I like 7.5 so far (mostly)

Not sure if this is the same thing but I too noticed a diff.

Freddie H wrote:
By the way!
Have you all notice how clear the graphic is now?



Thanks, I think I’ll go for 7.5. I’ve just compared the update cost from C7 with the cost from C6.5 ( and with our latest vet’s bill!) - no-brainer as they say :slight_smile: Plus the score editor improvements look good and I’m getting increasingly disenchanted with Avid’s attitude to Sibelius.

I’ve just upgraded and I think the text rendering is a bit better. The problem is my iMac went belly up and I’ve bought a 13" MacBook Pro, so I’m not sure if it’s the difference in the screens. Anyway, it’s liveable with now and the new features in 7.5 are excellent - especially Visibility in the project window. £41 well spent. :slight_smile: