Have to reload Midi Remote script every time I start the program?

I have recently downloaded a Midi Remote script for the Faderport, and it works wonderfully. Whenever I quit Cubase though, and reopen, the script is not loaded. If I go to the “Midi Remote” tab, it says “No Midi Controller Connected”. If I then open the Midi Remote Manager, and reload the script, it pops up and everything is working perfectly again.

How can I get it so that this script is always connected, so as soon as I start Cubase, the Faderport is ready to go?


How does the script recognize the device? Is it by the name or died or exchange any SysEx?

How could I find the answer of that to tell you?

It is this script:

But yeah every time I restart the program, I have to manually “import script”, and then it instantly works. It’s like it isn’t saving when I choose my midi controller midi in/out ports or something, so I have to re-do that each time.

Is there a way to re-save the script after I’ve selected my midi in/out ports?