Haven't received the Activation Code for the free upgrade of Cubase LE10 to LE12

With reference to the article that came out last year,

According to the article, I should’ve received an email with the activation code, as i had reactivated my Cubase LE 10 (which came with an Audient product purchase) on a new laptop in March 2022. Now I have to activate it on a new laptop and there is no way for me to contact Steinberg directly in my country as there are only distributor contacts like Yamaha, who haven’t responded to my support requests. I really do hope Steinberg sees this post because I’m at a loss for how to continue my music production.

Unfortunately many users did not get the promised email.
Please see also this post:

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yeah I’m still waiting on it, no way to get it. I may just use Logic Pro or something else from now on.

Please reply in this topic: How/When shall I receive the Cubase LE 12 upgrade from LE 11 e-licencer