Having trouble copy pasting sustain pedal data.

Hi, new to the program. I have noticed something while playing around and getting used to things. Say for example do a midi recording using a piano option from HALion Sonic. I can record it with my midi controller and it does record my sustain pedal as well, although when I copy paste the midi info (i.e. to duplicate) it does not copy the sustain data. How can I fix this problem? There was a thread that said to enable ‘Auto Select Controllers’, but this has not worked for me so far.

I am using a Komplete Kontrol M32 and Xtreme FS310 if that makes any difference.

Hi and welcome,

How do you copy and paste the data? In the Key Editor or in the Project window?

If in the Key Editor, the “Auto Select Controllers” has to be enabled before you select the MIDI Notes and the relevant MIDI Controller lane (CC64, Sustain in your case) has to be shown.

Hey, i figured it out. My problem was that i didn’t know where that darn button was haha. This thread specifically pointed out where it was. Fixed:)