Headphones not working

Dorico 2.2- This is driving me insane. When I plug in my headphones, not only does the sound not play through the headphones and through the computer, it turns the computer volume to MAX and blasts out. It seems to think that the headphones are in so I can’t change the computer speaker volume, but the sound is still absolutely blasting through the speakers. These are normal headphones, no Bluetooth. I’ve checked out the device control setup, and the input and output options just DISAPPEAR when I plug the headphones in- I’ve looked through the forums and can’t find anyone with a similar problem or fix, so please don’t take this down. I’m running Noteperformer for the VST but I don’t think that’s the issue as the problem persists with other VST’s too. I’ve tried restarting Dorico and my computer multiple times to no avail. This problem has happened before, it seems to miraculously disappear and reappear but whenever it does I don’t know how to fix it, and it is severely impacting my ability to work. OS is Catalina

IIRC this has been fixed in more recent versions of the software.

check: dorico maxes out volume

I have the most up to date version of Dorico 2. I can’t afford right now to upgrade to 3- This problem hasn’t always existed, I shouldn’t have to buy new software to have sound go through my normal headphones. And my attenuation was always set to 0 db, so what’s happening in that thread isn’t what’s happening here.

Doesn’t the thread say to turn off the "set attenuation to zero?

Well either way that doesn’t solve the problem of the output.

If you go to Edit > Device Setup and hen press the Device Control Panel button, the CoreAudio Device Settings window does pop up. In there, is the option ‘Automatically Configure Devices’ ticked with you? It needs to be if you want that automatic switching to headphones when you plug them in.

No, because when I plug in my headphones the options suddenly disappear. The only parameters that appear in the Core Audio Device Settings when I have the headphones in are setting the buffer size and the checkbox for setting attenuation to 0 db or not.

Must be something in OSX then, With me no problem on an iMac with Catalina.