Hello devs, great work! additional tweaks to the ruler/loop locators please

There are a few other critiques on the forums of the ruler that I agree with.

One is the Hand Cursor that appears to drag-move the loop/locators when you place the cursor in the top half of the ruler between the locators.

There should, at least, be an option to make it so that this only appears via a (currently unused) modifer such as ‘ctrl’+‘shift’ or ‘ctrl’+‘alt’.

I to more times hit this accidentally than I do intentionally.

The other suggestion is to be able to ‘lock the locators’ to avoid accidental relocation all together.

With working quickly in a DAW, comes a variable of movement and control inaccuracy from the user so this has to be taken into account in the design. Mouse scroll is another big issue here in mixer accidentally adjusting something.

Thank you