Lemur has recently been released for IOS and man is it fantastic! A guy (Lasse) posted a Mackie Control template on the website:
I’ve started playing with it and already I’ve desined a Totalmix page and a Cubase “selected channel” page (using a combination Mackie Control device and Generic Control device), complete with TRACK NAMES!
Anyway, this thing is amazing and I’m just scratching the surface. I’m now convinced the Ipad is the only control surface for Cubase.
Lemur Totalmix.PNG
Lemur Cubase.PNG

I can’t say enough about this controller. Another very cool feature is the way Lemur sets up it’s wifi connection. You can have 8 discreet midi connections (each with 16 channels). I had it working controlling my Cubase Studio , a Cubase remote for my live setup AND RME Totalmix simultaneously with one Lemur patch (different screens) all via Mackie Control and Generic Remote including track names and fader touch.

Nice! On question, though: can’t you make faders visualised so that they can show deviation from from the center position. Would be useful for pan and eq levels.

The fader positions update on every channel to wherever they are set. The pic is just a snapshot. Lemur is completely bi-directional, pan, eqs, comps, sends, levels all update automatically when a channel is selected.

Here’s a .zip file with the Lemur template, Cubase Project, Generic Remote map and a note.
Have fun!
Cubase Lemur Template.zip (53.3 KB)

Yes. I understand, but all the faders are showing deviation from the “down” position. For some parameters, it’s reasonable to show deviation from “center”, to have immediate visual reference if you’re boosting or cutting the EQ or if you’re panning right or left. Here’s a quick photoshopped representation about what I mean. Left: the original, Right: the way it should look IMO.

I see what you mean. Although I’m sure how to achieve this, I’ll bet it’s possible…