HELP!!! I’m having problems creating a DDP image for my customers project with WL8. I don’t get any specific error. It just says that an error occurred and quits. I was able to open up the Montage in WL7 and create the DDP but I’m concerned that there may be issues doing that. HELP!!!

When you installed WL8, did you tell it to import your Wavelab 7 preferences? I had this same issue. If you search this forum you’ll find more info on the issue, but i believe you can avoid the problem but deleting a preference file, either image.dat or general.dat

Yes I did import 7 preferences. Was the fact that you imported preferences what caused your problem? Well, that needs to be fixed… Can you confirm which preferences you deleted? Can WL7 and WL8 coexist?

Solution in this thread: