Help! How do I link cubasis with external music app?

I am new to cubasis. I believe that it is possible to import music from another app for example a synth app, into cubasis, but I need help understanding how this works. I have audio bus. I see mention of interapp app. But I’ve no idea :frowning:. Does anyone know which external synth apps ( let’s stay with this genre for now) I could put onto my iPad that I could use to produce synth and bring into cubasis? And how would I bring the synth track from the external app into cubasis? Sorry for all the questions, but I feel this is essential for me to understand. I also have Isymphonic orchestra on my iPad, and I know that is supposed to be able to link with cubasis so your answers would also help here as well. But I would also like to link to apps like ipolysynthor korg synth apps.

Thanks for any help you can give


Hi Newbie51,

Please refer to the “Accessories” chapter in the in-app help of Cubasis to learn how to use external instruments / effects via Audiobus or Inter app audio.

Please find all available Cubasis tutorials right here:

And a few from other users:

Feel free to browse the web for additional tutorials from other users.

Hope that helps,

Thank you Lars,

I will look at the links.

Best regards