Help!! Inspector sections won't expand anymore


Opened a new Cubase project today and quickly noticed that the Inspector Sections won’t expand anymore. I’m using Cubase Artist 7.0.6 but it’s happened to me before on Cubase 5 Artist, so this issue is still around.

With Cubase 5 I solved the problem with Windows restore points. It’s seems crazy to have to this do this everytime I have this problem

Any ideas ?

It’s hard for me to recommend Cubase to anyone when faced with a ridiculous problem like this. Now of course I can’t insert any effects which makes the program almost useless.

What’s worse is the complete silence from the Steinberg people on this. There must a reason why this is happening, and I find it hard to believe that it’s only happening to me.

make a copy of your user preferences and copy it to the desk top and then start Ca7 in safe mode and see if it’s still the same ,

Ok thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

I’ve never heard of starting Cubase in safe mode. I thought safe mode startups was a Windows thing but I’ll figure out how to do it.

My last resort, as usual, will be restoring Windows to an earlier restore point. Fortunately I only have Cubase installed on that machine so I won’t loose any apps.

here is the link for safe mode , but back up your preferences first[product]=296

Thanks, I found it earlier in the FAQs, and I’ll try it when I get home from work.

I deleted Cubase preferences (ctrl alt shift) on Cubase startup and it didn’t fix the problem. I don’t bother saving Cubase preferences because I only change one preference anyways.

So I did the usual and restored Windows to Dec 29, 2013 and that fixed the problem. No other programs were affected because no programs were installed since Dec 29.

I have no idea why this happens periodically but it does happen and it’s very irritating. If I ever figure it out, probably by accident, I’ll certainly post the fix on this forum.

Hey fellow Canadian.

Did you install or change anything at all since Dec. 29?

I mean any changes whatsoever to your computer?

No changes whatsoever since Dec. 29. This machine is only used for Cubase.

I also verified in the Control Panel “Uninstall Program” applet, sorted by “Installed On” date. Nothing was installed after Dec. 29.

Also, Windows reports programs which are affected when setting a Restore Point. It reported that no programs were affected.

The only change I saw was a Microsoft Security Essentials Virus Definition update. I get those about once a week or so.

I’m having the same problem in 7.5 on a 32-bit Windows 8 computer.

I tried starting in safe mode, but when I try to open Cubase with ctrl+shift+alt, it just shows the shortcut properties (or the program properties if I try it on the .exe).

How do I get into safe mode?

Short update: I trashed all my preferences (even the ones of the previous versions) but all to no avail.
This seems to be a severe graphical problem with not only the inspector, but also the mixconsole.
It is rendering my Cubase as good as unusable.

If I try to expand for instance the inserts in the mixconsole, nothing happens. But if click on the inserts, close the mixconsole and then reopen it, the inserts are visible.

The same more or less happens in the inspector. If I click on any item in the inspector, nothing happens.
If I try to switch to the visibility tab in the inspector, I first have to click into the space below the tab before the visibility settings appear. The same happens when I switch back to the inspector.

For future reference: The problem now seems to be solved.

I restarted the computer and moved all backed up preferences back to the Cubase folders where they originated.

Let’s just hope it stays this way.

Try reinstalling Cubase using the “Repair” option.

Which repair option?

You can get to it from Programs & Features (win7/8).

Thanks for posting this that may have solved it. It’s always a good idea to do so for others.

It’ funny that restoring Cubase preferences would fix this problems. I don’t think Inspector tabs which don’t expand is a preference.

This problem happened to me again 2 weeks ago. Now I just use Windows restore points to fix the problem. My Windows Automatic Update has always been Off. So the only updates I do are for Google Chrome, and the Microsoft Anti Virus. After either of these updates I immediately create a Windows Restore point.

Try downloading updates via the browser and install them using PowerShell.

I had the same problem again earlier today.
The only temporary solution was, again removing all preferences (of all Cubase installations 5 ==> 7.5), run 7.5, quit 7.5 and then putting all preferences back.

Unfortunately, the whole GUI has been acting strangely since.
Faders not following automation, although the automation can be heard (even the faders on my Houston didn’t follow), plugins not showing their GUI (or only a part of it), random plugins not loading (and no problem loading them after a reboot), channels in the channel edit view showing up too wide, not being able to colour tracks from the main colour menu (only on alt-clicking the track), the GUI of inserts or sends not showing up directly after they have been added to a project and, of course, random crashes after any one of these occurenses…

It seems to be an issue with the GUI not updating properly.

Quite frustrating.

This is how my channel settings window looks now.
Also, I noticed that, when I move channels around in the ptoject windows, the changes are not reflected on my Houston controller anymore.

I guess I will have to try a complete re-install… :frowning:
Channel Settings.png