Help me name my new metal band

Coming up with a name is always the hardest part. we’re considering:

Immoral Immortal
Ace Fraulein

I didn’t know what Harmartia was so I googled it.

I like Melchisedeck. Obscure, sounds sort of ominous. Have you considered using a Z instead of the S?
Not sure if you are trying to make a reference or not.

How about:

Devil’s Hernia
Infinite Deth
Hopeless Abyss
Calvary of Rot
Mask of the Red Def Poe-t’s


You need Satan, or hints of, in there Doug. Actually, Twilight would be a good one. Witching Hour. Black Doug :laughing:
Garfunkel Doppelganger :open_mouth:

Steel Wool and the Brilloheads

It don’t get more metal than that! :laughing:


Not menacing or enigmatic enough

Hi there Doug, what about Cabal?

Kim :slight_smile:

Doppelgänger Rising?

Meat Puppets

or to nick an idea from a friend of mine (unless he really did call his band this in which case its too late…) OFPM

(Which stands for… Old Farts Play Metal :slight_smile: )

Cobalt Nightride


Knobs-to-Ten and the Stainless Pick


Well, if it isn’t good old Dave Fry! Long time, dude

I’m assuming you’re the same Dave Fry who used to visit the old Cubase forum

Meat Union Metal

What about Twilight Song?

I like that! :thumbu:

To make it more menacing … maybe … Twilight Abattoir?

Running With Scissors is the name of a winery in California:

Nick, and a rock band so he can’t have that one. Maybe “Running with wine bottles”? :smiley:

Was thinking of an episode of Fringe where the guys from the parallel universe had Mercury running in their veins. How about Mercury Vampires?

Yes its the one and only Synesthete Dave Fry here .

  • Not Fred Vay the anagram .

What about all the other names suggested in the other thread you started back in Feb. , Doug ?

you might have to wear a Lone Ranger mask, though… if not, maybe just go with METALTONTO.

Either way, you can affect some serious damage with high energy metal while subliminally summoning, channeling and connecting aboriginal anger and revenge to European and original peoples alike - world over. Sporting some crazy KISS-esque proportionate make-up and garb should help complete the band’s image. How’s that for ‘menacing and enigmatic?’ Only the strong and brave survive!

Trust me - you’d find huge success on the open concert circuit. Go get 'em! :slight_smile: