Names for Hard rock/Metal bands

The Ass Whippers
Ace Faulein
Worthless Fools
Oedipus Wrecks
Border Patrol
The Ex-Hostages*
The Warmongering Whoremongers
The Distant Relatives
Wages of Sin
The Backstabbers
Devil’s Doctrine
Martial Law
Tony Imbo Band

*the name of a reggae band I was in during college

Doug, you’re bored, right? :unamused:


And a bit hungover


That’s the stupidest name. What’s an “imbo”?

I would’ve went with “The Imbociles”


i was in a hard metal -punk crossover band years ago called “sectioned”, the good old days of innocences and not being able to play any instruments ! :laughing: :smiley: :wink: but now i think maybe i should of been … :laughing:

Bunch of mopho’s no doubt! :wink: :laughing:

Clever name!

Bigfoot and the Buttkickers

and my co-singer … my Femme Metale … Sassy Squiatch





In the 80’s I was in a hair band (in Vancouver B.C) called:

It was a real buzz (pun) to see the name in print (newpapers/mags) and on signs around the city.


I still keep some of the band contracts framed and hanging in the studio.

The band ended up being very much like the real stuff.
An instant high and then an immediate come-down and break up.
But it was fun. (lots of girls)

Harry Hotel and the Long Haired Dumbbutts

btw - Faithless are were a great dance act over here …

I would post a Youtube link but Youtube isn’t allowed on here.

I’ll chance my arm with wikipedia …

Insomina was a great tune. Look it up on Youtube. whoops.

I’m trying – desperately – to get some local musician friends to form an “Epic Melodic Metal” band here in town. Everybody’s “too busy” the pussies. But I wanted to call it “Frame 336” in reference to the specific frame in the infamous Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination where the fatal headshot occurs

Yeah, I AM capable of some fairly ill illness :laughing:

My experience with trying to form bands - get a DRUMMER, and you have a band. Everything else just falls into place.

Call the first album “Rock and Knoll” :wink:

That’s definitely where you need to start. The drummer I want just looks at me with a blank stare when I talk to him about it. There’s another drummer in town however that is actually much better – GREAT double-kick player – but he’s already in a Metal “cover” band (which they asked me to join and play keys in but at the time a couple years ago i had zero interest).

I did talk to one of the guitarists this morning – fairly good shredder – an he said after his impending divorce he’ll be ready to get going, so…

Good to have angry metal guitarists really… :smiling_imp: :laughing:

:bulb: I had an idea a long time ago for a punk band called Scrotal Prolapse.
I gave up on the idea though because it wasn’t really my bag.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

One band name that sticks in my mind that were in the studio many many moons ago was…
The Spunky Beavers :laughing:

Another band that just quit one of my rehearsal rooms has a name that I actually found quite offensive for some reason… Cancerous Womb

I guess the grossness prize in my own record collection goes to Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, one of the many noms de plume of JG Thirlwell who also worked with a lot of tamer names such as NIN, Nick Cave, Chilli Peppers, The The and Marc Almond.

Here is a few of my favourites:

The Bumpin Uglies
The Cunning Runts
Dow Jones and the Industrials
Flavor of Uranus
He’s Dead Jim
Saturn’s Flea Collar
Lost Underpants of Doom
Special Ed and the Short Bus
The Yeasty Girls
Rubber Nipple Salesmen

Ok, so I got them off a list, but they’re hilarious!