Help please with download of anything

I get this when I tried to download anything from the download assistant advice please where I’m going wrong I am in novice 2 Cubase 12 Pro Windows 11

Looks a bit like your account does not have required write permissions for a folder.

Do you get to the starting screen of the Download Assistant? If so, click the settings icon and change the download path to another folder, possibly one you created yourself. Then start the download and install process again.

If that doesn’t work it might be necessary to give your present Windows account full permission to the folder C:\Program Files\Steinberg

Thank you for the reply I have tried both but it seems that the c program files steinberg no longer exists I don’t know what I have done.
do I need to redownload Cubase or is there another shortcut I could try please?
please excuse grammar sight impaired using voice

Yes, please re-download the files after changing the download path.

Sorry amateur where do I download the files from?

Use the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I can’t download anything from the download assistant the above screenshot

Hi, this thread may or may not help.

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Download Cubase from here. Also the download assistant is available from here.

All downloads:

Make a note of where everything is being installed - don’t just blindly click through all the dialogs.

Thank you googly solved my problem