Help! Send Midi CC events to Host (Cubase)?

My VST Plugin needs to send Midi CC events to the Host so that I can simulate key-strokes (e.g. start recording). The VST Plugin should send these Midi CC events like a remote control device so that I can map the Midi CC events to key strokes in the studio setup.
There is the “initLegacyMIDICCOutEvent()” but it looks as if I can use this method only to send Midi CC events to an output channel. But I need to send the Midi events to an input channel to catch the events as if they come from a remote controller.
Thank you very much for any ideas that help me to send key-strokes to the host from my VST-Plugin!!

As you found out, plug-in MIDI output is not routed to the MIDI Remote Input of Cubase. You need to use the platform MIDI API to create a virtual endpoint.

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what is platform MIDI API ? like CoreMIDI for Mac or WinMM for WIndows ?

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@beta : I believe Arne means this: My first Midi remote API - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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Good way! But does it support versions before CuBase 12?

Thanks for your help.

I had problems to find documentation about the MIDI API. Today I found something helpful:
GitHub - steinbergmedia/midiremote-userscripts: A place for user created MIDI Remote API scripts

And a helpful example:
PreSonus FaderPort 2 (2018) midi remote script - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

All this is only available since Cubase Version 12.

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Actually you find the manual for scripting here (see big arrow on the picture).