Help setting up Cubasis 3 with Chromebook and Novation Launchpad pro mini

Hi, I’ve recently purchased the Novation Launchpad pro mini and cubasis 3 for my chromebook. I was told they’d work together so I could make music. I’m happy to say it does work but I have no idea how to map all the buttons of the Novation to the app and was hoping you could help me. Keep in mind I’m using the cubasis 3 app on a 8gb ram chromebook but that option isn’t listed below so I selected windows. Hopefully you can help. Kind regards, Martin de Groot

I’m not aware that the Cubasis 3 app features dedicated integration for Launchpad Pro/Mini but you should find that you can manually map parameters that you would like to control using the MIDI Learn feature within the app. To start mapping your controls, simply tap the Learn button (or press Alt + L on your keyboard) to enable learn mode. This is covered from page 81 of the Operation Manual -

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Please have a look at our dedicated MIDI Learn, Mackie Control and HUI Protocol support tutorial:

Algonside, please find the feature documented in the setup chapter of the Cubasis online version:

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I have a LaunchKEY mini MK3 and in midi settings, setting HUI puts my mini into DAW mode just like in Ableton! I get navigation mute/solo etc - all very nice!! The only issue is that I don’t seem to be able to get note data from pads (selecting Drum mode) or the 25 key keyboard while this mode is set.

I did not have to do any custom mapping at all!!