Help to fix color and gui in cubase 11 for sharp text and less eye strain

gui and cubase 11 color settings its unsharp bad color overall and the text is fucked upp have 1440p premium screen ” Acer 27" Predator XB271HU G-Sync IPS” and cubase is killing my eyes, so what is the best settings for cubase 11 and best color settings in cubase for less eye strain and do i need to do somthing in nvidia panel and in Windows to get it crisp sharp and colors that dont make eye strain. I want help to make cubase sharp crisp so gui is popping out from the monitor. I want crystal clear text and other colors for less eye strain.

Is there anyone that have try som settings that work, coz now its not good and i have tryed alot of different color settings to get the sweet spot for the eyes and sharpnes ect.

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I think that you need turn on HDPI mode in Cubase. But in this mode you will see many problems which Steinberg not plan to fix in the near future. Check my post here

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I have had cubase from 5 and have had the belief that it will be nice and clearer and crispier fonts, but it only goes backwards. how difficult can it be for steinberg to make high res pictures and get the contrasts with colors so that you do not get eye strain after 3 hours, I may well buy an 80 inch 8k screen to get what I want, but then it had certainly been something else. this is a big problem many people know and want to change as cubase users. but they seem to poop in it. that’s the only thing to focus on until cubase 11.5 before they even think about other things. they can start with you having to change the font in the text so that you can get it super clear. you spend more time getting to the picture than music creation.

Now i have color settings like Ableton put look like poop anyway

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For me it’s also so strange honestly. 3 years with gui issues… Btw I am the owner of Ableton also and it’s perfect with HDPi. And you can zoom in and zoom out on which size you want, for example 118% or 142%. In cubase you have -50, -25, Windows Scale, +25 and +50 and all work with the bugs! And as I understand they don’t fix them all in the next version :frowning:

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What are your windows display scale settings set at? This is most important to know.

i.e. i run a 34" ultrawide at 125% DPI in windows and have Cubase set to HIDPI mode and -25% scale and it works well for me - it’s practically just a 1:1 scale that way. But i do prefer smaller elements to enable more workspace so this style of setup may not suit you.

I did see blurrier visuals on the default setting though, it’s quite poor, especially when it occurs on text elements. But again, your Windows DPI settings are an important factor.

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I have tested a little different but think it is best when I scale up windows and down cubase. but I’m looking at a bigger screen, now I run scaling +150 and -50 and that will be the best I can get, but the text font is a disaster blurry you have to have settings on the screen so that you burn up.

they really have to fix the text font and the colors, so that the text becomes clearly crispy, and the color scheme becomes creamy and pops out of the screen with beautiful clear contrasts.

I will buy an oled 42 inch alt wide nano ips 32-34 inch when 12900k comes out and it will be a new pc. but in order to get a good peace of mind, I feel that you need 2 screens to avoid clicking so damn much for me is 27 too little for cubase as you want a screen open with mediabay and chanel window up all the time. I also do not understand why they do not fix so that there are several tabs in the lower part as the whole channel setttings with eq and channel strip, had saved a lot of space and less clicks.

We all hope for the fix and correct work in HDPi mode. But Steinberg told that it wasn’t fixed in the next version of Cubase :frowning: and it’s sad :frowning: at this moment I was turned off HDPI mode because working a lot with Spectralayers. But of course it’s look as I am on Nintendo 8 bit :frowning: :frowning:

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Om only working on my moduler now and make my trax on my 1010bitbox mk2, cant take the bad blurry cubase.

hi guys, if you are interested: i got a 43" LG 4K Nanocell and my Cubase 11 is freaking sharp as hell.

I run windows 10 on a 1030 video card with HDMI 2.0, and a HQ cable to the monitor.
My video card resolution is set to max (4k) and i set windows to 150%, which seems to be a kind of sweet spot.

I m sitting about a meter from the tv, so i have an exact triangle from the corners of the tv (where my speakers are) to my ears.
Its a bit wierd because its so BIG, but it works like a dream. (see attached screens)
Only thing for Kontact users: since NI didnt update their plugins yet, they are pretty small compared to stock plugins.
Rest of the plugins i own (and I own a LOT) are all 4K compatible and big/custom size.

This is NOT a screen with everything as small as possible! I actually work like this every day and im pretty old compared to most Ableton EDM producers haha
It is really easy on my eyes now…i dont need glasses or anything like that.
Can you imagine i used to produce on a 16" laptop last year lol
Thanks to covid i couldnt tour, so I switched to PC hehehe

it looks really good, borrowed an extra screen and it will probably be a tripple setup with a screen that is sharp and comfortable to look at and one for mixer and the 3 a little smaller for vst and soundlibrary. or it will be SSL UF8 and a UC1. however, I am waiting for an update on an updated CC121 from sterinberg that has everything that UF8 and UC1 have. or on NI new controllers then that have merged with Izotope which I have all plugins from. that it should be so difficult for sterinberg to make an optimal controller for cubase so that you can use all the channel’s functions like UF8 + UC1 and MP midi controller together, or softtube control 1 and MP midi controller … I just want plug and play as a nectar controller but in an optimal flow with cubase. all manufacturers only make ableton, it seems. and no controller is optimized and pre-programmed for cubase, there should always be some program you need to go around with … it should just be integrated.

yeah that would be awesome…im getting a Midi Fighter soon, its supposed to be a very good controller.

my problem was more that Cubase is using to much screen real estate vertically. You can add monitors left and right…but not really up and down haha