Help: UR242 recording clicks and pops in Windows 10 1809!

After I upgrade to Win10 1809; My UR242’s recording has lots of clicks and pops. I did update to latest driver 1.10.3, and firmware V101. I try to reinstall clean Win10 OS, reinstall the driver, renew nvidia latest driver, remove the on-board audio device from bios, remove all other audio device in the system… I did everything but still can’t solve this problem.

For example, when I try to record 1, 2, 3… 10. Some number will missing. Especially when I launch application like photoshop or Pr (CPU usage will be high). It looks like my PC’s performance is not enough but actually it is a fast PC. I never has this problem before the upgrade.

The software I use to recording are latest version OBS and Audition 2019. Both of them have same problem.

Here is my PC infor:
i7 6700K
32 Ram
Nv 1060 3G

Any one can help?

Problem fixed.

The Windows update also update my NV card driver. The default setting is “Max power saving”. Change it to “max performance”. Then everything back to normal.

It took me whole week try to solve the problem. I almost order a new audio interface and considering to buy a new mac book pro… LOL