HELP - VST bridge doesn't work in Lion

I’ve got the latest version of Lion and Cubase installed. It appears that the Cubase 32-bit VST bridge is dead, because only my 64-bit VSTs will load. Surely this is some mistake on my part… I thought Cubase 6.0.4 was fully Lion compatible? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Aloha M,

OSX.7 (Lion) no longer supports Rosetta.
Rosetta is needed for the VST bridge to run.
So 32bit plugs (that use the VST bridge via Rosetta)
will no longer work in Lion.

You can find out what Steiny stuff works and what no longer works here:

Also this thread by a few Steinberg forum Mac users on this very topic might help.


Yeah, I did some reading around and realized this is Apple’s fault, not Steinberg’s. Frustrating. Seems the only workaround is to revert to Snow Leopard.


I have partitioned my hard drive so that when the rest of my gear is Lion ready,
I will install lion on that partition and then boot into whichever OS
is needed at the time.

As I said in the thread, I do not see any advances in any
audio or MIDI functions for DAW users with OX7.
Lion seems to be more of a GUI advance.

Perhaps Steiny will use some of the iOS type functions in OX7 in their
next version of Cubase (C7) but they will also have to deal with the
Windows ‘Metro’ interface in the new Win8.

Might be a challenge for Steiny to keep Cubase
truly cross-platform in the near future.

At least at the GUI level.