Help-Wavelab 8 Elements install error-missing Wavelab8.png

Hi hoping someone can help.

Downloaded (purchased Wavelab essentials 8 from the steinberg store).
All good.
Updated elicenser and registered activation all good.
Uninstalled wavelab7elements, cleaned up and rebooted.
Ran the latest installer WaveLab Elements 8.0.4
Installing with admin rights Wavelab8elements x64 on Windows 10 x64.
Everything runs fine then gets to approximately 80% of the install process (stage Startup-ja.ini) and an error pops up:
Cannot install file “Wavelab8.png”
Had a search on knowledge base, forums and submitted a support ticket. No luck yet, so thought Id pop on here and see if any helpful people know a solution.


wavelab8 error png.jpg

Can you confirm you install on a japanese system?
Do you install in the standard path (C:\Program Files…) ?

English version
Standard path


Forget my question concerning the japanese system.

How big is your destination drive? WaveLab has trouble installing to partitions over 3TB.

No worries.
SSD 111GB with 24GB spare.

You actually heped me indeirectly.

Sorted :slight_smile:

Had a missing shortlink in programfiles\commonfiles\steinberg.

My bad.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Is this because of a moved linked TMP, or (because in commonfiles\steinberg, some other folder?) to a much larger drive? Is this becoming common to do with SSD’s?

Hi Bob

No I’d moved the native instruments common file to another drive and deleted the common files, folder not realising tehre was a steinberg folder in there.
Resolved the link and all good, as simple as that. Must be only a wavelab elements issue as cubase or other 3rd party plugins have been affected.