Help with restoring Cubasis 2 purchases in Cubasis 3 LE (full)

I just bought the IAP for the full Cubasis 3 functionality in Cubasis 3 LE (after having unlocked it with my new UR44C) but I am unable to restore my previous Cubasis 2 (not LE) purchases, which include the Waves pack, the FX packs and Classic Machines.
I understand I my need assistance since this is considered downgrading and is not directly supported, and would be very grateful if somebody can help!
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Claudio from Italy

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I have the same question. I unlocked Cubasis LE 3 with one of several qualified devices. Would love to take advantage of that 29.99 LE 3 upgrade, but worried I cannot bring forward all my purchases from Cubasis 2 (not LE). Until then I am waiting for the next sale on Cubasis 3.

Hi all! I have the same problem. Help, please!

Hi all,

Please find the available IAP Transfer options shown and described in these articles:

How to transfer Cubasis LE 2 instrument and effect plug-in in-app purchases
How to transfer Cubasis 2 in-app purchases to Cubasis 3

Hope that helps.


Hi, rtmusic!!! You solved problem?

No, I don’t know how to do it. At this time I see a 29.99 upgrade promotion in 3 LE but based on other posts I don’t think my full version Cubasis 2 purchases will follow to LE 3 when upgraded.

Hi rtmusic,

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I’m in the same situation, owning Cubasis 2 (not LE!) with all IAP and have recently bought an UR44.
I would like to purchase the Full Feature Set in Cubasis 3 LE, but I’m not sure if my Cubasis 2 IAP get transferred to Cubasis LE 3.

According to the description in the App Store only Cubasis LE 2 IAP seem to be transferred to Cubasis LE 3… :question: :question: :question:

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I have same issue. Please let me know the solution.
Now, my iPad has Cubasis 2.8.2 and Cubasis LE(full)3.1.1.

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Also have the same issue. Im transferring In-app purchases from cubasis 2.8.3 (not LE) to cubasis LE 3.1.2. I need help

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I have same issue and a little more complicated because my Cubasis 2 version is on my iPad 4th generation that don’t support Cubasis 3, and I have an iPhone with Cubasis 3 LE and unlocked with line 6 sonic port and than I paid for the full version of Cubasis 3 to fully unlock, but can’t install Cubasis 2 for transfer my IAP. My problem is restoring all the plugins I bought on Cubasis 2. Somebody help me please! Sorry for my poor english, I speak Spanish as my native tongue.

I have the same problem. Today I installed Cubasis3 LE, unloked it by connecting iRig, and then bought full feature upgarade. But I can not restore FX1 and FX2 which I bought two three years ago as IAP for Cubasis2 (not LE). Cubasis 2.8.3 is installed on my iPad Air3. Please help.

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Same problem here. The Cubasis 2 iap don‘t restore in Cubasis le3 full feature set.

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