Hey guys! How's this clip sound??

Am i on the right track? SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds



  1. You posted the url to the mobile soundcloud site which doesn’t work on my browser. Replace m with www and it works.
  2. Sounds fantastic!

UUUGGH!! I keep doing that!!! Sorry. Fixed now. Thanks!

Wish I could get my mixes to sound like that. But if you want me to be picky - and I suppose you do or why the post? - I realised about halfway through that the vocals could just do with clarifying a touch. I can make them out ok - words and all - but they’re just hovering on the brink. It may be a stylistic thing but maybe just a tad less whatever it is you’ve got all over them.

But yeah, sounding great…

It sounds ok but to me is lacking organic texture. It is all right though it you like the sound.

Low mids on the guitars need to connect to the bass, because the bass is separate from the song. There is a hole there.

To me, the drums and bass sound fake and the guitars sound really thin. Bass needs texture, like an amp sim or even better, a real amp.

The delay on the vox… if it is through the entire song, it would get old real fast. Having it solely on the choruses, or a variation on the verse would add to the hook of the piece. As I listened to your clip, about 5 or 6 times, the vocals stick out as being amateur. The tone of the voice shows signs of note struggle. The flag being the tone of the voice changing during note bends. Listen to the qualities of the vowel sound change during sustained notes and how the consonants are smearing the stability of the vowel.

After listening another few times, I decided I hate that delay. It detracts from the vocal because the feedback falls on top of the next word. If you drop its level, put a compressor in front of it and EQ it so it doesn’t step on the clarity of the main vocal.

Just my opinion. As I said, it sounds ok as is but elements sound separate of each other because they are not packaged together to form a body if that makes sense. Could be a lot better too. Know that I am comparing this to commercial mixes, stuff I do here and my own taste of production.

From a distance great, yeah! From a closer inspection and from personal preferences, bass a little wooly, shave off very little low end, and I’m with Crotchety the vocals could be a little clearer, but shave off the bass before doing anything to the vox. Meaning it’s tiny details!!! A little too round sound for my taste, everything cooked in the same broth, still in the ballpark. Very short song, almost over before it began but maybe that’s intentional. Good song start anyway! :sunglasses:

Wow! Great feedback, guys!! I’ll get to work! And, it’s just a short teaser. It’s longer.

Why didn’t you post this in the Made With Cubase forum? Do you consider yourself special in some way? :confused:

YES! :wink:

That echo on the vocal is awful, and I have to agree with the rest what Tom had to say :slight_smile: .

The song itself is fine though.


Especially bad. :yes:

Even though I barely post any (music) since rarely anything is mine, I post it in the Lounge because it isn’t public, meaning not everyone and their mother can see it unless they are logged in. Keeps it a bit more private, which I prefer. So if a band’s fan searches for them, it doesn’t appear in the search engine results.

Good point. And I think the old forums with a song here and there between the posts were kind of nice. I wouldn’t mind to merge the two forums? Made in the Cubase lounge … :laughing:

So it’s to hell with the rules if I don’t like them, eh? Problem with the world today. :unamused:

I’ve heard of forums members that have been BANNED. Is that just a rumor?

Figment of your imagination. :wink:

I don’t like or dislike them. I just stated why I do what I do and rarely I do do that, so there!

I will keep my client material out of google how I choose to do. If I get banned, lol, so be it! lolol Till then, I will do what I do and do do it very infrequently as I currently do. :mrgreen:

Now where did I set that prune juice… :laughing:

Sorry for the derail, Brett!

Carry on.

Did I miss something? How did I break a rule by posting music? It IS the “music lounge” right? Here is the definition of this specific forum: “General discussions on songwriting, mixing, music business and other music related topics”.

I posted the very short piece because I wanted gut reaction as far as the “songwriting”, “mixing”, and “other music related topic”.

Once I have the song dialed in, then i can see where it is appropriate to post the finished product in the “Made with Cubase”. Ya dig?

But I also agree that I want to keep unfinished stuff away from Google spiders. :smiley:

Also, now that I listen to this again, the delay is making me dizzy too! :confused: I REALLY appreciate the depth of advice given here from you all. I’m going to sell this song for one MILLION dollars and split it with you all.

Cheers! ~BB

OK! Took the delay WAY back. Working on the other aspects. By the way, the vocals (me!) were a one take (I doubled them) on a $49 cheap sure mic with even cheaper interface. once I have the song where I want it, I’ll sing in a pro studio. Again, my main purpose for posting was to see if I’m on the right track with the overall concept/mix of the song. Thank you again for the help!!


Shame you took down the original file, was hoping to compare :wink:
It sounds good to me though, I could listen to this for a while if you posted the entire song.