Hi all!

Hi, my name is Cirus, with email address cirus.suric@gmail.com.
Reason why Im writing is becxause I bought on june 26th a new Focusrite scarlett 2i2, and came with software Cubase LE 6 and plus. I bought this focusrite with a new computer that I assembled. When I succesfully asssembled it, I installed Cubase and had a lot of fun using it. But I did not realize about registration or anything, and had no internet connection there. When I finally got home, I tried to use Cubase, now with connection, but the program did not run as I did not registered on time. Nowe there seems like there’s nothing I can do… Is there a way you guys can help me? I can provide print screens of the purchase, and I have the CD serial number of the Focusrite product which is FC0152-01 / FA0766-02

If you had no internet connection, I am assuming that you never ACTIVATED your Cubase license, which you must do now. Were there any instructions for activating your Cubase in the package? It involves installing the e-Licenser Control Center and entering the activation code. By the way, don’t post license numbers, serial numbers, and ESPECIALLY activation codes publicly. You should consider editing your last post and removing that code (especially if it is the Cubase activation code).

Oh, Im sorry, i did not know it was public. No, i did not activated the license, I tried to do it now, but I don’t think there never was a registration Code on the package deal. Can you help me with that?

See if this helps…

Well…man I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. When I enter the eLicenser, it gives me a code that is too short to input on the “Enter activation code” option. Besides, It tells me that the License is nbot valid as it was not vañlidated on time, and the Cubase license option, on the eLicenser, is red. I validated activation periods like 4 times now, and tried everything, but is not working…

PC or Mac?

PC bro. And thanks, by the way, for the support.

Forget it, dude, i got In, i was able to do it. Thanks though, big thanks!