“Hidden” coda space

Greetings! I’m on dorico ipad and I can’t remember if from here I can change the initial space that is created when putting a “hidden” coda.

I think this cannot be changed on iPad.

There is an Engraving Option that defines the distance, which I don’t think you can access on the iPad.

Can you do Note Spacing mode? You could move the start of the system in there.

As mentioned in this thread, note spacing can increase an indent, but can’t make it negative.

If you don’t have a desktop version, you could post a file here and one of us can set the indent to 0 for you.

Thank you very much for the support! Yes I have the desktop version and I was able to make the adjustment from there thank you very much!

I keep wishing for more editing capabilities in the ipad version. Greetings to all, as always this is a great forum.