Hide barlines in a flow

How does one hide all the barlines in a flow? It’s a metered section, but we just want to not have the barlines.

Do I have to use dashed lines and set dash to zero or is there a switch to turn off?

There’s no way to hide barlines in a metered section. Surely if the barlines are hidden, it’s not a metered section anyway…?

Not so fast! This is a new complexity school piece and its 21/32 in this section but the composer chooses not to have barlines in this section for various structural and visual reasons. Not all music obeys Gould and friends.

I can show or hide barlines at any point at will in Lilypond. I miss that functionality, and I continually wonder why Dorico wont provide hide/show barline, hide/show note, and so on. Feature request!

So I have used the dashed line hack as a workaround.

anch’io gradirei le stesse funzionalità richieste da @Andro.
In MuseScore è presente un interruttore che rende visibile/invisibile qualsiasi elemento della partitura. Spero tanto in Dorico4.
Buona Musica

My guess is that what you are really asking for is the ability to set beam groups for unmetered passages?

(OT. 21/32 is, IMO, a composer’s indulgence. 21/8 with an appropriate tempo is much easier for players to read, but doesn’t look so ‘intellectual’ on the page)

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