Hiding auxiliary notes of a trill over several untied notes

Is there any way to hide all auxiliary notes except the first in this case:
I would like to keep trill playback, so change the interval of the auxiliary notes to unison is not an option.
Thank you in advanced!

This is not ideal, but the best I could come up with - you can tie the notes together with Force Duration on, so you have four quarter notes; then in Engrave mode, you can drag the ties way off into the distance. I could not find a way to make the ties invisible without also making the notes invisible too.


Here’s a workaround:



Another workaround is to use 2 voices. Voice 1, the trill over a whole note; voice 2, the four quarters. Change the notehead from voice 1 to an invisible one, and supress playback on voice 2.

Thank you Stephen! Yes, I explored this solution, but I have found some difficulties with it… I would prefer to find another way!

Excellent idea, thank you! I want to say that if you put the trill over a tied note and after that you break the tie, you also get the same result, but I don’t know why, after some changes in the score, it comes back to showing the auxiliary notes again… Your solution seems to work for now :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

That’s a good idea, also! Thanks!