Hiding cautionary clefs at ends of systems


Is it possible to hide cautionary clefs at the end of previous systems when changing clefs in Dorico? I have been fiddling about for quite a while and can’t find a suitable solution. Any help would be much appreciated. Please see the screenshot for the example in question!


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You can’t hide cautionary clefs, but is this by any chance essentially a separate section or movement? If so, you could have it as a new flow. Because flows are entirely separate, they don’t show cautionaries on previous systems.

You can show a double barline at the end of the previous flow, rather than a final barline, if you desire.

Solved in today’s update 5.1!

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@MarcLarcher has a mission :sunglasses:


I give up, there were tooooo many of these threads!!! I’m glad we won’t have to read this again ^^

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oh, this would be a dream come true…

Actually even in 5.1 I don’t see how to do this with a clef. Key sig, yes, but when you hide a clef change, the previous clef prevails on subsequent systems.

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Hi @Seb_Johnson the only way I found to obtain this is

  1. selecting the new clef in Write mode, and put it’s Custom scale to 1,

  2. then in engrave mode select the super tiny cautionary clef (in the previous bar) and use the spacing offset to put it inside the barline at the end of the staff (so it will become invisible).

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