hiding the flag...

is there a way of hiding the eighth note flag in the following example?

is there a better way of doing what is shown without hiding the flag?



You can use tuplets to achieve that (use 2:1 ratio and hide the bracket and number in the properties panel)

thanks Mark. i’ll try that. but i’ve learned (the hard way) that a chromatic gliss isn’t really possible on the harp.

Kent Kennan’s orchestration book is particularly helpful.

Pleyel did design and manufacture a fully chromatic orchestral harp, and a few composers (including Debussy) wrote for it, but it never because popular. Two reasons were that it was considerably heavier than the standard harp, and that because of the narrower string spacing it was difficult to play loudly without adjacent strings hitting each other and “buzzing”. They are now museum pieces.

The traditional Welsh harp was also fully chromatic, but with three “layers” of strings, a separate diatonic layer for each hand and the chromatic strings sandwiched in between. That string arrangement was not very practical for very chromatic music, but it did allow modulations without a pedal mechanism.

In fact these triple harps were invented in the 16th century in Italy for playing continuo parts, and adopted by Welsh harpers in London during the 17th century, so the name “traditional Welsh harp” is an anachronism!