HiDPI support in C11


The Windows scaling factor is about upscaling, so if it is enabled essentially every window will appear bigger (but ideally still sharp if DPI-Aware). One cannot have a window that is nonetheless 100% and “HiDPI” at the same time, it goes against the mere notion of HiDPI and the scaling factor.
If you want 100% then turning off HiDPI should be the right solution for you. Usually Windows then round down to the nearest scaling factor, in this case 100% Let me know if this solved your problem! :slight_smile:

Having a local/global custom scaling factor within Cubase has been raised several times on the forum and we will study whether Cubase should with his own scaling factor mechanism.


Hi Armand,

I am somewhat shocked - it is not like morons are requesting here. They are also including very detailed information on what is working and what not, also giving boundaries.

So again:
with Windows 125% and HiDPI=off in Cubase:
Nothing changes wrt to size of Cubase in comparison to HiDPI=0n: same waste of space, too big fonts and GUI.
However, as to expect, with HiDPI=off everything gets blurry.
34" inch screen, 3840x1440p

If Cubase would be able to scale to 100%, sizes etc would be perfect again (like it was in C10.5)


Hi armand, yes, as said, if you disable hi dpi and put 125% in windows cubase doesn´t appear at 100%.

Maybe it´s time to rethink the beta process, since a lot of issues and changes are found by users the first hour after the release. You could do a limited public beta or something?

Hi Polynasia.

My bad, I totally misunderstood your issue. :frowning:

First things first. The fact that Cubase follows the scaling factor defined by Windows is a correct behavior.
In the past it wasn’t, as you pointed out, and it would be rounded down to 100% (appearing then smaller than it should).
I understand that you got used to this version meanwhile and that you prefer this smaller version. However what you experience from now on with Cubase 11 is not bug. You happen to see Cubase as big as it should according to the scaling factor defined by Windows. What you used as “feature” was in fact a known incompatibility with what the OS wishes for. A known incompatibility that we fixed with this version to allow Cubase to move further with HiDPI systems.

We will nonetheless consider the wish of having Cubase define its own custom scaling factor as a feature request.


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I do not understand in the answers of the moderators. HIDPI function - does not change anything.

Enabling HIDPI function should cancel scaling in windows and cubase should be 100% - but it doesn’t work.

If you like to have Cubase at 100%, set Windows scaling settings to 100%. Don’t set it to 125% and complain about Cubase not being small enough.
If you like to have sour cream, go buy sour cream. Don’t buy whipping cream and complain about it not being acetous enough.

It would be a nice feature though to set Cubase’s scaling value indepently if one really likes.

Worse IMO: There are still display errors with 125% and 150%, especially in Mixer window. And the graphic elements obviously don’t exist in 125% and are still scaled, making them blurry. At least the fonts scale sharp and correctly now. That’s a start.

Hi Armand,

Thanks - and yes we are on the same page, Cubase now works as intended.

The point here is, and I will stress that again:
It is not how I or we are used to from the past.
It is simply, that somehow fonts and space are so large/generous in Cubase, that with 100% scaling it is just fine/perfect already.
125% is just way too large for the common screens and resolutions in use (WQHD).
I am perfectly fine If you keep your fixed feature of Cubase and adapting to Windows scaling - but then it would still be necessary to modify the GUI so that it does not look like on my 1024px screen, or that my grandmother can read it from the other end of the room.
There may also be usecases/users where such enlarged GUi is preferred, but for most it is too much, at least on the mentioned type of screens.

So lternatively to re-think font sizes and GUI, a quicker solution would be to enable possibility to have 100% scaling no matter what windows does: would be a quick fix for us and then you can take your time to reduce font sizes et al for a later version.
I do not know of any other scaling aware DAW/program/whatever, which has so large elements and fonts at 125% scaling.
All other apps I use are more compact and have smaller fonts at 125%, except Cubase.


If you don’t like the graphics at 125%, set Windows scaling settings to 100%. Don’t set it to 125% and complain about Cubase not being sharp enough.
If you like to have sour cream, go buy sour cream. Don’t buy whipping cream and complain about it not being acetous enough.

See, my sour cream is not blurry icons, but the fonts and GUI being too large at 125%.

And btw: of course I have set windows too 100% now to be able to use Cubase. But that unfortunately leads to that any! other application is way too small now (Lightroom, Photoshop, browser, office, you name it). Font scaling of windows does not really help except for windows dialogs itself. (apart from that, Cubase graphics are less blurry as you stated above)

The same here. HiDPI is terrible in Cubase 11 Win10. My eyes hurt. It’s funny I built a new PC computer for audio because I was getting tired of Apple monopoly, but Cubase is not good in PC HiDPI wise.

What is 100% relative to, an app setting or pixel density?

Just had the playhead disappear . Also the controls at the bottom of the sampler track in the lower zone are cut off.

Not sure what you mean.
C10 was able to either scale at 100% or 200%, now C11 is able to scale 100%, 125, 150 and probably also 175/200.
So essentially 100% would be “no scaling” relative to the windows scaling. (lets not overcomplicate things)

Ok - I would say feasibility was already proven last years throughout Cubase 10 :laughing:


@JackJackdaw. Could you attach screenshots/gifs and steps to reproduce this by any chance? Which exact resolution + scaling factor are you using?

@Polynasia. I totally understand your point. I will discuss this option with the team.

Thank you very much.
I think Steinbergs effort to involve into the discussions and reaching out for possibilities is highly appreciated by the community.

I’m sure I don’t understand the problem well enough, but I think I have a variation of this problem. I have 3 monitors. The “main” monitor is where I have the Windows start bar and a park lots of miscellaneous shortcuts and utility windows there. I use the other two monitors for Cubase. I have had the main monitor at 125% in Windows and 100% on the other two. That was no problem at 10.5. All the plug-ins behaved as one would expect.

At C11, without changing any of the Windows scaling factors, now some plug-ins do not fit their windows. The worst is SlectraLayers. In its editing window, SL sits in the lower left, with a bunch of blank space at the top and right. And you can’t use the SL menu because the mouse clicks are out of sync with the window coordinates. It is as if Cubase is using the scaling of the FIRST monitor when it should be using the scaling for the ACTUAL monitor where the window resides.

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Stil no fix/option in the update? Attitude of steinberg touching nothing in the code is getting ridiculous.
The codebase of cubase is so messed up, i guess you are short of burying this platform.

Hi @polynasia the option will be available in C11.0.20.


Hey Armand, will it be then possible to use Cubase at a scaling of 125% even if windows is using 150% for example? That would be great. Just let people use what they prefer :slight_smile:
At the beginning I was like, oh, why is everything bigger, but in the end I preferred it on 125%. Before I had sometimes issues reading the very small numbers after a long mixing day.

Hi @Tj99 the feature that you describe will be available in C11.0.20.