HiDPI support in C11

is 11.0.2 going to be a quick follow up after 11.0.1 just being released? How far out are we from 11.0.2?



This should arrive by the end of March.


Hi Armand,

works great in .20 - Thanks a bunch!

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Hi there, is there any chance to see Cubase in vector GUI someday? If yes, what time frame?
I mean S1 for example looks prettiest then Cubase, it’s GUI crisp and clear in comparison to Cubase, all window could be resizes etc.

Some of the GUI components are already vectorized. It is the plan to bring every new version more and more vectorized content, for instance icons is the next priority.
Nonetheless most of our windows can be resized when deemed necessary.


Thank u 4 quick reply, looking forward to see Cubase in it’s purest form. Cheers.


I have big problems to cant get it crisp and its blurry lite the other pic on the thread. I have a dell and a asus now. Dell is better coz its no heat from it.

It’s better that Steinberg says which screens are Steinberg certified, when we work a lot with text that must be super clear and extremely many details on the same surface, which means that you get very tired quickly if you do not have 2-3 screens. When looking into Monitor Table Tool - RTINGS.com and searching for resolution AMD size as well as text Clarity and more, so get, for some who can fit. But it is not everything so it is the quality of the pixels and a lot of other things that affect to get a good picture. And then I do not understand that there are no more color profiles with different contrasts that are lunging for the eyes but still clear lines and text and fine soft clear colors that are good for the eyes. Rent a coloring consultant for this. With the most important thing I think Steinberg shows different upsets with a large screen or 2 or 3 screens that are Steinberg certified. There may be sets of different sizes resolution but are optimized for image, text and workspace.

I myself look at a 32 inch Proart and a projector over it for the mixer and a 24 inch for VSTI and sound libraries and more. But you never know if you buy the pig in the bag.

Alt an OLED projector where the mixer and timeline are on the same projector canvas and a 5K screen that I change to 2K.

It’s hard and bumpy. For me, the surroundings are all the same applies to the scurvy that it is so good that you get inspiration from it too. Today I agree more with settings than creating music. However, it is better with mixing as it is not then much detail and move different windows and like buttons to release windows ect. Then I do not understand why you do not so that you can have all the synths in the lower part where the mixer and Sample Track are. The same applies to Channel Strip to release surface, it cannot be so difficult to do.

Otherwise i love cubase, BUT why dont you make a audio interface with dsp power for all cubase vst vsti ect to free up for like izotope stuff and other heavy vsti. and with dc out for eurorack and durec like rme ? And a new cc121 controller for cubase 12 2022 with more Rotary encoders with pusch and buttons. Its alot Yamaha need to do for cubase owners now.

And implement midi 2 and make a steinberg cubase optimize midi/cc controler that just work :slight_smile: and with 16 encoders like midifighter with pusch 15 buttons with Banks and motorised faders.

All this in one midi controller with modular like special waves but with formfactor like monogramcc and quality lite midifighter :slight_smile:
and good keybed yep its Yamaha agen. Just do it its going to sell alot.

Best regards
love everything steinberg do In addition to this then :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback!

I’m afraid I can only answer for the HiDPI part. We are trying to update the list of system requirements for each of our products. This is available here. So far the recommended resolution isn’t reflecting HiDPI screens as we believe the application is still as of today more stable with regular FullHD monitors, for several internal and external reasons.

Concerning your idea to go recommend specific monitor models. It’s a good idea although this is the first time I hear about such concern. I question the value/cost balance nonetheless and this idea would be very challenging for several reasons. The main reason is that monitors are constantly being pushed on the market. This would mean we have to dedicate a specific budget for purchasing, testing and reviewing a broad range of monitors, constantly. This is not where our efforts should concentrate. There are already a lot of bloggers and specialized websites who can give a much more reliable and up-to-date snapshot on this on the Internet, without us allocating a specific budget for this internally.

I think the best answer to this question is: our active community!
Perhaps you could create a thread for such purpose on our forum?


Why not use vector based UI elements as it will scale with any resolution


It is the goal. There are already GUI elements being vectorized. It’s a long revamping process.

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Good to hear ;}