High-lighted "NO" but Entered "Yes" in some windows

When using the “Set Timecode at Cursor” function or “Bar Off-set” function, after inputting the desired timecode/bar-number, this window appears:


The default selection is “YES” I would hit the left arrow, highlight the “NO”, and then hit enter. In Cubase 12 it works as intended, which is not moving the content. But in Cubase 13, it actually moves the content as if I still selected “YES”, even if the highlight is on “NO” when I hit enter. Only when I click the “NO” with the mouse will it work as expected.

A small issue but constantly causes me to redo it.

Also, may I suggest to change the default selection to “NO” in both cases? At least for me, 99% of the time I only want to offset the timecode/bar number, without moving anything.

The bug is not specific to bar/timecode position, it’s that tabbing from one button to the other is broken, apparently. This problem manifests in other places as well.

But to clearly understand what you saying, if you could report it this way it would be great: How to format a bug report

Also, at least for Cubase on Windows, the first letter of the button’s name can be typed to ‘hit’ it.


Thank you steve.

This problem is still not fixed in Cubase Pro 13.0.30