Hoping to see a New Controller from Steinberg


I would love to see a new multi-fader surface controller from Steinberg show up sometime in the near future. (basically, I’m hoping/dreaming this will happen one of these days) :smiley:

imho. there is a huge need for this type of controller.

Basically, a re-designed, and improved C-121, with multi-faders, and a healthy amount of additional knobs, and buttons. Cool looking LED display, …etc.

Hopefully, Someone at Steinberg development is listening.



‘Cakewalk/Roland’ offer the ‘VS-700 C’ control surface. Which looks very professional, has lots of advanced/modern design features. Looks great.


Hopefully YAMAHA/Steinberg can team up to offer something of this caliber or even better for Cubase/Nuendo users.



Nice idea, but before they do this I would like to see the CC121 brought up to a more user-friendly standard, mainly with regard to button illumination (see other posts). This improvement to incorporate such firmware, hardware and software updates/upgrades, and perhaps even a replacement eprom (or whatever) as required.

As it stands at the moment, with Cubase not playing and a track/channel selected with no eq or other inserts and not in R/W mode, it is possible for all 28 buttons to remain unlit, the only illumination on the entire panel then being the blue power/ready LED.

This is plain silly. Hard to imagine that this was how the designer(s) first envisaged the thing. :imp:

The C-121 has one motorized fader for controlling volume.

I don’t understand why they did not design the C-121 with multiple faders, i.e. four fader ?

Mixing a song with multiple faders, which you can move simultaneously to add feel, and dynamic movement of various parts of an arrangement is imho a very important aspect of using a physical surface controller, compared to using a mouse/track-ball. I feel the C-121 single fader is not that much of an improvement from using a mouse/track-ball to mix :frowning:

I surely hope that Yamaha/Steinberg are working on a new Pro-Quality control surface, with multiple faders, knobs, and buttons, which is designed to tightly integrate with Cubase/Nuendo workflow, and offer a flexible, plug-and-go type functionality.

I’m very confident that they can offer a fantastic control-surface that will make many Cubase/Nuendo users very happy :smiley:

something like this maybe?



Very Cool Photoshop re-design work :smiley: Thanks !

Oh well, this should have been their first attempt at a control surface, I think its about time they have a complete re-design concept for the next generation control surface, just look at the Roland controller for Sonar, and compare it to C121, surely the next gen. contrl. surface from Yamaha/Steinberg needs to have led displays, maybe some nice LED metering as well, and a more modern design. With high-quality components from the ground-up.

We need a PRO-QUALITY surface controller.

So far there is not a single indication from either YAMAHA, or Steinberg that something of this nature is under development, but then again, that is classified (Top Secret) stuff. So, I guess we only have one option, hope, and wait for it to materialize one of these days, hopefully sooner, than later.

I agree, i would love to see a next generation controller, with new features/faders/controls etc.


As a temporary, and quite economic solution, I decided to go with a ‘Novation ZerRo SL mkII’ controller.


It does not offer motorized faders, but I think it can offer a good amount of control for various DAWs, including Cubase, Reason/Record, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sonar, Live. So… Quite diverse, and offers access to VST parameter automation as well.

Don’t have it yet, but hope this will be a temp. solution, until Steinberg/Yamaha offer something more on the Pro-Side. Which might also never happen :smiley:


It’s high time for pro Nuendo controller.
I love CC121 for design, integration and fader quality, but I need more.
I’m hunting for proper midi controller for a loooong time, tried BCF2000 (motors too loud), Mcmix (no meters), nucleus (too expensive and no surround monitoring), nocturn (I can’t remember what I assigned for each plugin :wink: now I use Tascam DM3200 which is almost it (no read/write buttons and meters for remote contol) but it’s too big.

hope we see something good very soon,



euphonix artist series work great with Cubase 6 I’m loving mine here.


i will go with this option.Icon-qcon.Its cheap and i think i can combine 2 of them+the cc121 in the center of my desk.

Hello !

I reviewed it for Espace Cubase. Liked it and bought it after the review. Just changed the fader knobs (did not like the original ones). The look of it is different from the photo you attached (quite old).

they will also offer a new controller, iControls Pro, with sensitive faders but more simple than the QCon see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAMo_RlhRpk and in action here http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjcwMjQ4NTM2.html

Review of the QCon is here http://www.espace-cubase.org/anglais/page.php?page=qcon

And a photograph of the new faders here http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=fr&identifier=image&size=normal&module=user&userPhoto_id=230170
and here http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=fr&identifier=image&size=normal&module=user&userPhoto_id=230171

Quite nice alternative to the MCU. Not quite the same build quality I’d say, but here in France, it cost less than half the price of an MCU.

Hi jerome

The new faders are awesome.The broblem is that i want to combine two or three qcons (or i-controls pro) controllers but i’m not able.Im looking for an alternative euphonix system.BTW it was easy to remove the fader caps?

Hi !

Do you really need so many faders ?

Removing the faders was easier than putting the new ones on (but once they are on, you won’t need to remove them until some years !). But it sure is better : far better feel, far better-looking and I like grabbing the faders from the sides between thumb and index finger.

Hi Jerome sorry for the delay.

Yes I need 24 faders at least.I hate to move back and forth the bank of one daw controller.So i Think the solution is something like euphonix.You can add as many as you like.But they are very expensive.Im wondering if Steinberg-Yamaha are planning to make a bigger controller than cc121.Maybe something with touch screen with all the macro commands you want.Is Steinberg listening?

Hi !

Right ;o)

Having a look at the price for a CC121, I’m afraid a bigger one with 8 faders (or even more) would be as exepensive as a Euphonix MC Mix.

The only drawback with this controller is that EuCon doesn’t support parameter feedback to the user created “tabs” in the LCD, only those knobs at the side of the LCD…

I were blown away what EuCon allowed me to do… at first… but then i realized i still had to look att the computermonitor while using functions i customized to perfection… loosing all the creativity by stumbling across functions i made making a f*cking mess of the songs and arrangement… bleh!

What i feel is lacking in the otherwise “near perfect” CC-121 is a way to assinging Insert FX like compressors and such to a button on the controller (i.e softwarecustomizable), and WHY didn’t Steinberg make a more versatile unit by letting all those knobs in the center be freely assignable instead of locking them to the built in EQ, which i doubt many producers use extensively…sigh

With freely assignable knobs and the above mentioned function for opeing and assigning insert FX i would gladly pay for this unit… for me, everything else is spot on for getting “that” workflow.

Imagine having the opportunity to step through every insert-slot and at the same time having the current FX all parameters tied to those EQ-knobs for instant tweakability?

Another pricey unit i really loved is the Nucleus, huge potential but lacking layers for the user to customize…

So yes: i’ll vote for Steiny to come up with some new controller possibly that multifader CC-121 someone made a picture of, aimed towards a professional environment

Many of us are waiting to see the next generation of new CC controller - more FADERS , more keys , VST control - same quality as cc121 only a little bit biger and maybe programable will be very nice ! Something between CC121 and Euphonix MIX ( Artist series )

I thought there was enough available to control faderchannels with mute arm etc etc, see mackie compatible controllers. I’m still very content with the cc121 and do not need to control many channels at once…

And if Steinberg did it, I would not want to know the price as I found the cc121 massive priced! (still bought it anyway :wink: