Horizontal alignment of voices

This… shouldn’t be happening. I tried editing the voice column index of both voices, with no success. Any ideas?

I think it’s correct. FWIW, Finale does the same. I can’t find a specific rule in Gould, Ross, etc, about this, but I think it’s clearer than a ‘box’ of four noteheads.

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Thanks, benwiggy. That’s interesting and seems counterintuitive, but I can’t remember from my old music notation classes (and no longer have the books to back it up!)

Thinking about this a bit more: assuming a G clef --Imagine that only the F and A were there: they are correctly aligned with each other, and their stems. The E comes ‘before’ the correct position for a down-stem note; the B comes after.

If you removed the B, the A (or any other note) would still align with the F.

It’s entirely correct, and I wouldn’t change it. You could do this, I suppose:

I don’t have Gould to hand to cite page number, but I know she does say that the first illustration is correct. I really dislike it, myself, and the rule she explicitly states that the stems should not line up is very distasteful to me, especially with seconds on adjacent staves. Nevertheless, I don’t expect Dorico to handle it any differently.