Horn Rip

Is there a way to notate a horn rip in Dorico? There is a scoop in the jazz articulations (under Ornaments) but that is not the same.

Rips are fairly idiomatic for horns, and I don’t know another word for them.

The tone poem I am finishing up is a little scary–like a horror movie theme–and rips would be good in a couple of places.


Maybe use a glissando marking with no label?

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This is a useful thread …

(Writing rips for horn)

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Thanks, guys! Good ideas.

I think the example from @musicmaven1 will work for me (see image). I know the Principal horn at the Fort Worth Symphony casually. I may email him this example and see what he says.

(FYI, the gliss marking in Dorico plays back as a fast chromatic scale in NotePerformer, which is not the effect we are going for.)

When in doubt it is always a good idea to ask the player.

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Firstly, leave the gliss/rip text out. Horn players know what that squiggly line means.

If it is an isolated rip, leave off the leading note. Only put in a leading note if there is desired sustained note before the rip.

And yes, by all means, consult your professional Horn Player friend. But I would send him the exact examples you are using rather than an arbitrary example for the best advice.


@Craig_F , Thank you.

(Too bad NotePerformer and VSL won’t play that.)

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I think the chromatic gliss sounds a bit more like a real horn rip than a smooth slide would.