Hotfix for PC 10.5.11?

Hi, will you make a hotfix for PC as well in regards to the abnormal CPU usage?
I have a modern 2019 i7 16Mb with a Steinberg ur rt 4 that has stopped completely since upgrading to 10.5.10.
Or should i symply downgrade to ver 10 again?
Kind regards aus Schweden.

Hi, sometimes its different to install cubase as upgrade or as full installation from scratch. Also sometimes depends on chronology of installations of supplementary SW. ( I know this is not good) Anyway. Try to Install cubase agaion from scratch. ( at least from installation files which You already have) update Firmware in Your soundcard, update driver for You soundcard. (Idealy uninstall current and install latest version). Also check if there is new BIOS or Windows updates.

Currently it seems that this issue is not common but user specific. So I wouldnt expect hotfix release for win.


Something’s not right for me either after upgrading from 10.0.50 to 10.5.10. A current project that barely plays (average usage hovers between 80-95%) in 10.0.50 doesn’t even crackle in 10.5.10, no sound at all and the performance meter goes crazy… :frowning:

Don’t have time to investigate further as I’m in the middle of this project so 10.0.50 it is for now… Just wanted report quickly… :slight_smile:

I tried 10.5.10 and immediately found all the major projects I was working on simply wouldn’t play due to almost constant CPU/ASIO overload.

Uninstalled 10.5.10 and reinstalled 10.5, and all the projects play perfectly again. They are heavily loaded projects with many tracks and plugs, but they play perfect on 10.5 even with high CPU load. No spikes or crackles.

On 10.5.10 they were totally unusable even with the highest buffer settings I can use. I would immediately of had to start freezing tracks to be able to mix the projects.

On 10.5 they all play perfectly without any such mucking about, and at low buffer settings.

Have you guys reported these issues to support?

Not yet…

I did post on the relevant thread on the issues subforum.