Houston - Still worth it?

Hi, I have the chance to get a second hand Houston Controller. I want to use in Snow Leopard - C6. However I have a couple of questions:

  • Will it work in Snow Leopard?
  • If a fader is broken or a button or some like that, Will Steinberg still repair it?

Thanks in advance. Adrian.

You can connect the Houston via MIDI, so it works independantly of the OS.

Seen as the Houston has been discontinued quite a while ago, I doubt it very much that Steinberg will repair it when something is broken.
I bought my Houston a couple of years ago and I’m very pleased I did.
It’s not the most accurate controller in the world (especially the faders) but, to me, it’s a cheap alternative to an MCU Pro.
However, before you buy it, I suggest testing it. Especially the jog wheel and the touch sensitivity of the faders might have some problems.

Aloha m,

This short thread helped me.
It sheds some helpful info on this topic.



Thanks to both. I’ve found one for 200 €, however it can´t check it first. An updated version of the Houston will be a dream. Steinberg, Can you hear me?. :smiley:

Don’t forget about the Ipad. I use it with AC7 Core (MCU emulation) and mostly with Touch OSC with my custom layout and a Cubase generic remote. The Ipad and Touch OSC is the best controller I’ve ever used. I control RME Totalmix and Cubase (selected channel) and becuase of the touch screen, it’s like having as many controls as you need.
It’s funny, I bought the Ipad (1st generation) just for controlling Cubase but it’s so great for pictures and, Garageband for the Ipad ($4.99) is bloody amazing!

Aloha beatpete
What a kool even ‘uplifting’ post to read. (I just got home from church)
This is the way we should be heading.

Great use of your gear.

Well I don’t like touching surfaces like the ipad - unless it got hardware feedback like vibrating or something similar.

The houston is also connectable trough midi isn’t it? If so then it is no problem using/configuring it.