How can I back to defaults in Cubase in mapping section

How can I back to defaults in Cubase in the mapping section?


Do you mean Remote Devices?

If you use any other than Generic Remote and Quick Controls, just remove then by using - button. For Generic Remote and Quick Controls you can just set the input to Not Connected.

When I was trying to map one of the knobs of my Nordlead 2x to assign it to a VST knob cutoff, it seems ive deleted some configuration or messed up. After that Ive tried to use my synth as I do normally using it as HW, now when I try to record the movements of the knob corresponding to “frequency” or cutoff of the synth itself (using it as a synthesizer) it no longer records the modulation, of course I hear the modulation coming from my synth when I move the knob, but cubase no longer detects this one to record the modulation, I tested moving other knobs and are detected and recorded immediately

my question is how can I go back to the default configuration (only in that mapping section) or, what can I do to solve it without so much problem?


Make sure the MIDI Input is not used in any Remote Device. If yes, set the Input to Not Connected. Also make sure, you don’t filter MIDI CC1 out in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter > Controller.

you saved my day! literally, thank you for that! I was very worried about this… so Ive simply disconnected the 828MKII from midi input on generic controller

im starting to understand this kind of mapping but not fully yet, still confusing me a little bit…